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    So on this topic of homeless people and things being stolen, I ran into a man on the BGT just behind the old Paseo place who was pushing 5 carts along the trail. I noticed that he had a nametag and was wearing protective gloves so I asked him what he was doing. He told me that he was contracted by Safeway to search out and return Safeway carts! He explained that as far as he knew only Safeway was doing this. He told me that the carts cost $100 or more for the large ones and the smaller double carts cost more. He picks up hundreds every week all over the Seattle area.
    What a colossal waste of money, all because someone chooses to live outside the system and has very little regard for what the rest of us contribute to them being able to do what they do. Frankly I am sick of seeing all the trash that is left behind after these people decide to spend the night/s along the really lovely walk that I take many times a week.
    Quite honestly, I can not see this getting any better if the city installs a camp at 2826 NW Market Street.
    FWIW I have noted 4 homeless camps between the Locks and the stairs off 37th Ave. NW



    I hate seeing all the shopping carts on the trail. Last time I went by, there were 3 carts at the end of the gravel BN access road by the 37th ave stairs. In the last few weeks I’ve seen carts from Grocery Outlet and Albertsons out past the Locks. I hope he picks up the other carts as well.


    great idea

    as long as they are being picked up (and a job is created) I don’t have a problem with it.

    I don’t think this situation will be change one way or another if the homeless encampment opens on Market Street.



    In California, apparently some Safeway stores have anti-theft carts with built-in electronic receivers that lock the cart’s wheels once the cart gets too far away from the store. Not sure exactly how they work — maybe they just lock the cart when a signal transmitted from the store gets too weak?



    VB, I was wondering how much the carts cost and how the theft of them impact local grocery stores. I was thinking the Seattle Times or some other media outlet should consider doing a story about it. I bet it’s a considerable impact.

    Yeah, I”m also tired of seeing the trash strewn around Ballard and other areas. I ride the Burke-Gilman to work and am disgusted by the amount of trash I see along it. Some people behave like pigs, with a complete lack of respect for the neighborhood. I’m tired of it.

    GI, with all due respect, you’re an idiot.


    great idea

    I’m the idiot?

    why, because I don’t think the neighborhood should vote when they city has to remove a tree to remediate the toxic soil it’s growing in?

    because I’m not outraged when fancy condos are built on 58th & 28th, or that the Soren Apartments seem overly priced, or an apodment building opens nearby with prices that I don’t deem ‘affordable’?

    honestly, if you’re so angry all the time, maybe you should find a new hobby.

    I would suggest collecting shopping carts– I hear there’s quite a re-sale market.



    Mondoman..the Ross in Ballard have the anti theft carts. The wheels lock and can’t move. Also Dollar Store on Aurora by Grocery Outlet and another store next to Dollar Store has anti theft. Seems the cost to get them would be worth it compared to theft costs. Just like when they finally caught on about anti theft on caps liquor bottles.
    but in meantime glad there is someone retrieving them.



    Maybe we just need camera surveillance of the B-G — find out who’s tossing the trash, who’s making off with the carts, who’s riding stolen bikes.


    great idea

    maybe we just need to finish the B-G trail all the way to Golden Gardens:)

    I wonder how that employee VB described in the OP got those carts back to Safeway.
    he must have loaded them up at the Locks.

    it’s interesting that Compass Rose mentioned she rides her bike on the Burke Gilman trail yet has never complained that it is not a continuous path (especially given her predilection for grousing about things).

    perhaps I am misguided and she just rides toward Shilshole instead of towards the U and does not encounter this inconvenience. darn!


    Salmon Bay

    She recently started a thread on it:http://www.myballard.com/forums/topic/missing-link/
    GI, you even commented on it.


    great idea


    thanks for sending the link SB.

    although now that I read that entire thread again, it’s clear that the lack of trail completion is not really a problem for Compass Rose:

    “To avoid that, I’ve started riding down Ballard Avenue. It’s fun to ride down there when the street’s still quiet and most of the businesses aren’t open yet.”

    “I believe for many, they are against the path as its seen as a very real border to the protection of their enterprise.”

    ” I’ve noticed quite a few grocery carts and considerable garage along the Burke-Gilman around Fred Meyer (which must then be removed at taxpayer expense). Very annoying. ”



    The shopping cart caravan has been going on for years. We’ve noticed heaps of trash on wheels close to Fred Meyer and along the BG trail heading east toward Fremont. Sometimes, they circle the wagons under the north end of the Ballard Bridge and leave piles of garbage. Normal people that care about themselves and respect the community don’t litter the neighborhood



    A lot of places have the locking carts, QFC on Broadway and Uwajimaya downtown have them for sure. there’s a electric field that a cashier or someone else can override that causes covers to drop down over the wheels to prevent the carts from going any further.

    I’ve found carts in the past and taken them back to stores if they were close enough by. It is nice to see Safeway actually retrieving them.



    To follow up on this I will answer some questions that were asked.
    The man I talked with was a contract worker for Safeway. He told me that he only collects Safeway carts and that makes sense as he is being payed by Safeway.
    He had a pickup truck parked at NW 61st St. just where it meets Seaview Ave. NW so he did not have far to push them.
    I asked him about the locking wheels and he told me that Safeway had looked into them but found that they were not effective because they can be deactivated by hitting them with a hammer in the right place or removing the wheel, so he said.



    Hillbilly Albertsons on 130th/Aurora has locking carts. They also have security inside and outside the store. It seems like the savvy miscreants are riding super cheap bikes with super expensive child hauling things attached. They then do what they do and nobody questions. I kind of wonder how they get the child trailer thingies, they aren’t cheap.

    I try to keep our little section of the Interurban clean. What saddens me is when I go to work there are tons of tents off of the 5. It isn’t so much the tents (another debate for another time) but all have this cascading wave of trash and junk that flows from the tent on down to the wall.

    And back to the topic, Safeway on 85th & Greenwood does not have locking carts and there is always a shortage. They do have, however, a dedicated parking spot for the police. Yay, go us.

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