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    Hey all,
    I just returned from Hawaii and realized that I a) like swimming, b) need to practice more so I am better at it, and c) could get into it for exercise, so now I’m ready to explore gym options. I loved belonging to the BHC, as they are very simple, clean, have a sauna, reasonably priced, not a meat market. However, they don’t have a pool. I am considering two options – belonging to BHC + going to a community pool (Ballard or QA), or joining a gym that has a pool. I will use it after work and/or on the weekends (no mornings or lunchtime).

    So… who here in the MB community swims for exercise? Do you use OAC, LA Fitness, or a community pool? I am keen on the OAC over LA Fitness, mainly b/c I can walk to OAC and it seems nicer.

    Please… recommend / comment away! I am going to tour OAC, LA Fitness and at least the Ballard pool. Aloha!! :)


    Bean Dogger

    My favorite is the Queen Anne pool. Also Madison Pool in N Seattle is a good place, it is larger, deeper, and has more lap lanes.
    Greenlake is OK. Ballard is at the bottom of my list, pool is old and locker room is outdated. You should try each one for yourself, hours vary at each pool. Additionally, the number of lap lanes vary by pool.



    I like Ballard, I often can get a lane to myself. Olympic Athletic
    Club is great – the new lap pool is good and it’s salt water instead of chlorine (easier on the eyes)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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