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    This is at 11:13 PM 1/12/14 and I can hear the Ballard Terminal Railroad Train tooting it’s horn as it tries to move along the “spur” line! Can any of you hear it? These are the same folks that are trying to stop the creation of a wonderful multi use trail that would run from Renton to Snohomish!



    11:28 and I heard it. I’m a ways away too.



    Yep, I can hear it when it goes by – particularly because it mostly is a night-time train.



    I hear it



    And all they are doing is moving a few railroad cars from near Fred Meyer to about where Paseo is. Why all the tooting? Most noise ordinances limit loud noise to stop at 10 PM, so how come they can toot a loud horn late into the night?



    I hear that tooting all the time, but I think my house is more “Fremont” than “Ballard.” I’m on the hillside, though, so we hear all sorts of stuff from quite far away to the west.



    There is a train that runs through several nights a week between 2 and 3 in the morning. I am thinking that is part of the Ballard Terminal Railroad. Am I right?



    I’m around 2 blocks away from the tracks, kind of pleasant to hear the trains I think.



    I’ve heard the BNSF mainline trains honk their horns, but I’ve only heard the BTR locomotive ring its old-style bell.



    There are federal rules for trains crossing at-grade road crossings. They are required to toot their horns (2 long, a short, and a long). Maybe, as Mondoman suggests, they used to be allowed to use a bell instead of a horn some of the time. Or maybe no one ever dinged them for not using the horn in the past.

    There are some zones that are deemed “Quiet Zones” where the trains are not required to toot their horns (though the drivers are still allowed to do so at their discretion). These at-grade crossings generally have special gates and wayside horns to be used in lieu of the locomotive horns. There are certainly areas in Seattle where this has been done. But it costs money and time to have an area deemed a “Quiet Zone,” and it costs money to install the special gates/wayside horns. So it’s not surprising that the low usage Ballard spur would not do it.



    We can definitely hear it – it’s actually really comforting! I grew up in the south end where you could hear the trains going through the valley all the time, so it brings up good memories. Doesn’t bother me one bit!



    VB loathes anyone and anything that threatens the production of more bike paths.

    The train is perfectly fine. It doesn’t effect my sleep. Never has and never will. Let them be.



    The first ugly post deward goes to SHM. Ditto the first ugly tag.


    Allison W




    They blast there horn non-stop when someone parks on or to near to the tracks and blocks there way. This usually happens at night when people park on Shilshole and head up to Ballard Ave to party



    Did hear the train horns around 7:30 this morning.



    I heard a few times during the night. Sadly I heard it cuz I was tossing and turning due to the weird noise that’s been going all night coming from near Fred Meyer/ship canal?! Another forum member referred to it as a helicopter like noise-to me more of a massive diesel engine/generator?! Anyone heard it or know what that is?

    Sorry for the hi-jack, but I’m dying of curiosity (and sleeplessness)



    When I first moved to Sunset Hill and heard the trains thought I’d never be able to deal with it. Same with the seals early in the morning making noise. Now I don’t even hear it – it has become like white noise to me.
    The seals would fool my dog when taking her for morning walk at first. She would look around trying to figure out where sound coming from, bark, and go into “hunt” mode. She, too, became used to sound and ignored. Actually I like the sound of the seals.
    I’m not a particularly “hard” sleeper but not hearing the trains late at night. Maybe come summer when bedroom window open.



    I didn’t hear it last night but used to hear it all the time when I lived down by the Locks. My cousin is an engineer for BN and he used to blow his whistle every time he went by my grandparents’ place here on Sunset Hill or by his mom’s place out by North Beach. The seals I do hear from time to time and remember hearing the sea lions several years back.



    BITOA – that is dead on, it is the cars parked right up against the track, I have talked to the engineers on the train and often they have to get the car towed.



    Can still hear the mill whistles blaring out at noon and 5pm if I think real hard about it… a high pitched tone for about three seconds followed by a low blaring tone lasting four to five seconds, heard them every day when I was a kid… heard train whistles too, GN & NP freights going over the bridge at the foot of the locks, never hear many of those sounds again. You can never go back, can you?



    VB, I hear the toots up here by BHS and like ’em. However I also like multi-use paths and know that folks 50 years from now would praise the wisdom of folks who thought a rail-trail from Renton to Snohomish was a good idea. But methinks I’m lacking a good deal of current background info. What’s the connection? I thought that Ron Sims (the best county executive since Tim Hill) had sealed the deal on the acquisition of that right of way under the ’83 Rail Banking Act (NTSA) before he left office . . .

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