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    Got home tonight and thought my dogs had done “something” inside. I then proceeded out to the backyard and thought “That couldn’t be the duck pen”…and then “it must be the neighbors dog poop yard”. I went back out to the sidewalk to bring in the rubbish bins and again, Pee-u! Wind from the NW ( kinda unusual too) smelled liked poo!
    Anyone else sensing this?



    Oh, I’m at 65th and 8th.



    Someone in your neighborhood could have spread out a few yards of Cedargrove compost. The odor is pretty rank and unpleasant for the first few days.


    great idea

    omg Curtis– I had almost the exact same reaction when I stepped outside, and I am about 20 blocks west of you.

    it seemed quite prevalent, much more than a neighbor’s compost.


    Angela Brosius

    We are down at Shilshole and smell it, too…..nasty.



    Smells bad in Magnolia too.


    great idea

    maybe that siphon project down by the salmon bay café went wrong and they somehow siphoned all of the city’s fecal material into our neck of the woods.



    Didn’t this happen last year? Something with a sewage plant in Magnolia Discovery Park? I am unable to search for the thread. ETA – found it, yes that was the origin of the smell back then.



    Yeah. I have no problem with compost, and this wasn’t compost!



    I was at Discovery Park earlier and it didn’t smell any stronger than usual.


    Life is amazing

    Wow, im really sorry everyone. A container of beans fell when i opened my fridge and i let my girl clean them up for me.
    On a regular day she can clear a room but with that in her system…. I just didnt think it would carry that far.


    Miss Wahoo

    It smelled like a cooked bag of rotting cabbage. I walked outside after a meeting tonight, and thought it was coming from the pair in front of me – but they looked awfully happy for a couple so gassy.

    That odor was eveywhere. I vaguely remember that it was coming from Magnolia the last time, too.



    it was definitely rank while I walked up 22nd from market to 60th – phew!



    Darn! I thought no one would be the wiser. Mrs. Wahoo nailed me. It was that pot of kimchi I left fermenting for two years in the back yard. A couple of raccoons got into it last night. Poor creatures never knew what hit them. Burial to follow, soon.


    Allison W

    I caught a whiff o’ that too, up near Larsen’s. Peeyou.



    And here I thought my IBS was getting *better*!



    Did anyone find out what was the source of this smell?



    I agree! My lord, that smell was horrid. I was at the park near the Library (@57th and 22nd) and I honestly thought someone tipped the portapotty over.

    It smelled very similar about two weeks ago; same time of night. A friend in Magnolia said he could smell it as well. Anyone know what it was?

    Also, @great idea… we must be neighbors because I too live 20 blocks west of Curtis :)


    Miss Wahoo

    I asked around, and several people suggested it might be coming from the Sound. They ALL asked “Is there construction going on in your neighborhood?” HA! I said yes, but added that I’d smelled it in downtown Ballard, Sunset Hill, and Crown Hill over 15+ hours, and that others could smell it near the base of Phinney Ridge. No one knew what it might be.

    Recently I noticed, twice, a vaguely similar stench after I turned of Greenwood onto 130th in N Seattle. Maybe the suggestions are right: Puget Sound, or construction odor from whatever they’re digging up.



    Well, you know what they say: whoever smelt it… O_o



    My neighbor, who smelled this obnoxious smell, said she also saw a helicopter hovering over Puget Sound going around in circles. Weird there has been no mention anywhere, ie, TV, the newspapers or even The Swedes. Hey Swedes, do you know what that smell source was??

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