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    I know this part of the neighborhood is notoriously sketchy and using that name would be fitting. I honestly didn’t think Ballard had there home grown gang. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up if it is true. I was at Golden Gardens Saturday night until around 8:30 and noticed a decent amount of police patrolling on bikes.

    The friend told the gang that the police had been called and they ditched the scene. The victim reported that the four men said they belonged to the “85 – 15” gang. The victim was treated for his throat injury and was urged to go to the hospital if it got worse.

    The police report stated that ” This was one of several reported incidents involving thefts, assaults, and/or robberies tonight but due to the chaos of so many victims and too few officers, the vast majority of the victims declined assistance and left the park.”



    BH – do you some sort of a “beef” with these folk? :)



    There is no known gang called 85-15. Probably those 4 idiots claiming. I had never heard of it and called Gang Unit and they verified what I thought. No such “gang.”
    It sickens me what happens to Golden Gardens during the warm weather/summer. Last time I was down there a car, with loud rap music blasting, came through parking lot extremely slow and “mean mugging” anyone who looked at them. It was a group of Asian young punks. I am steering clear of there and yep, there will be stepped up presence of police.



    whoops sorry, Gracie. That was me down there blasting Sir Mix-a-lot on a sunny day. It was so sunny I had to squint to see if it was anyone I recognized, but the sun was just too bright to tell. Next time pull up and have a 40 with me.


    Sunshine’s nice

    mean mugging…. they still say that?
    My grandma used that one too… me too.
    good to know I am still relevant.



    There used to be a gang near there (holed up in some apartments at 85th and 17th or 18th). I hadn’t heard anything new for the area since the big SPD bust that cleared them out. That was a few years back.



    A couple of thugs don’t make a gang. Golden Gardens has been a cesspool of punks from outside Ballard for years.


    great idea

    did they really say “we are the 85 minus 15 gang?”

    why not just call themselves the “70” gang in that case.



    Unfortunately Floyd is right. These wannabes and just plain old thugs are ruining Golden Gardens – especially during summer.
    Phoo -The funniest was when a group of 4 guys in a car – not a jacked up car, not an especially nice car- kind of beat up, went through the parking lot blasting Country music – the old Country music. Somehow it just wasn’t effective when they tried to look tough. And instead of a 40, could we have a Guiness?



    gracie – Did you give them directions back to U.S. Route 2 ?


    Jimmy Rustler

    @great idea: LOL!!!!!



    Been gangs in Ballard since before I can remember, one when I was in Jr High call themselves the “Dukes”, hung around in a coffee shop on Market around 17th or so, bunch of wanna- be bad guys, pretty much ignored by anyone and everyone, I think they were all high school dropouts with menial jobs if any, every town has them.

    PS… Gracie… country music? Now, that’s funny!

    Just did some research, the “Dukes” were probably an iconic emulation of a movie by Irving Shulman called “The Amboy Dukes” that came out in the late 40s, first of the so- called gang movies. I believe Tony Curtis was in it, one of his first movies. It was his persona that gave Elvis Presley the idea behind his “look”, sideburns, leather jacket, scowl, etc.



    great idea, that is very funny, but don’t be a know-it-all…not everyone can compute that!!



    I think that Shelley is talking about the MS-13 pretenders who used to hang around that area a few years ago. Maybe their little brothers are back.



    great idea

    The police report stated that “This was one of several reported incidents involving thefts, assaults, and/or robberies tonight but due to the chaos of so many victims and too few officers, the vast majority of the victims declined assistance and left the park.”

    that sounds like a cop-out if I’ve ever heard one.



    A 70’s gang? Maybe they were the Warriors, or Baseball Furies how about the Rouges, or maybe the Lizzies.

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