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    great idea

    you can tell I got coal in my stocking this year…

    I am astounded at how many people let their dogs run free on this playfield.
    sometimes mid-day, I will see a half dozen dogs frolicking about.

    when there’s kids running around with a ball or frisbee, you need to take your dogs somewhere else.

    my kid came home a few weeks ago and was visibly upset. apparently a dog grabbed his soccer ball and bit some holes in it. the owners were not apologetic and were even laughing about it.

    I can’t even count how many times my kids/ me have stepped in dog poo on this field, and been almost bowled over by some retrieving dog.

    if you are really too lazy to go to the official off-leash parks, then at least do us the courtesy of going there late at night with your dog and clean up after it.



    gi – I feel your upset! I live just less than a block from the play field and even when my dog was alive I never let him run there. Yesterday I was walking past the field on 26th and overhears a parent telling a youngster to watch where she was walking because there was “dog poo” there!
    Unfortunately this is a loosing battle! I have talked to the folks in the CC and to the Parks employees that clean up this mess and they all say there is nothing they can do other than call animal control but by the time they get there the people with dogs are gone!
    There is a posted $500 fine but I guess they don’t care.
    There are also a large number of folks that run their dogs off leash at the front of the school on a daily basis! What can you do?


    great idea

    thanks for your empathy, VB.

    maybe I will berate dog-owners letting their dogs run around, as I’ve done a few times in the past.

    however, I much more enjoy being a stereotypical Seattlite, and responding in a passive aggressive fashion. usually this entails bringing 3 or 4 kids right in the middle of a bunch of fetching dogs. I tell the kids (not all my own mind you) to run around wildly and take up as much space as they can.

    there was only one woman who was angry that we were taking up the field.
    I told her to take her off-leash dog elsewhere.

    incidentally, I have always had dogs, currently own one, and manage to exercise the animal without pissing people off.


    Life is amazing

    What I don’t get is this. I got no room to talk when it comes to having run my dog in illegal places off leash but really? Why do it when other people are there? If you are going to break the rules, what should be running through your head is ways to do it in a way that isn’t going to inconvenience anyone and for god’s sake clean up the crap!!
    When my girl was a puppy she was afraid of other dogs so for her to get any “running with abandon’ time we went late at night to a school yard or park. If someone else showed up she went right on the leash and we left.


    Salmon Bay

    I’ve got dog crap on my lawn. I have to dodge off leash dogs on bike paths. My quiet morning fishing on the beach at Carkeek Park is ruined by off leash dogs running in the water. Our play field is full of dog crap. Why do dog owners think it is EVER appropriate to have their dogs off leash in the city?



    I see the forum is getting back the pups pooping crisis. Happy New Year!


    great idea

    this is more than ‘getting back’ to anything.

    I have lived here long enough to see a sharp increase in this behavior (commensurate at least w/ say property crimes in the area.

    I really believe this is an overlooked demographic when one contemplates cramming the growth management act down the throat of Ballad.

    many of these units are quite small, with little or no yard. Seattle has a long history of strong pet ownership, more than kids IIRC.

    where do these dogs go? do people need to create small boxes of artificial turf in their flats or put diapers on their dogs like they do in NYC?

    we will be knee-deep in dog feces by the end of the decade.



    Hey look at that! It works again. Hi everybody! I used to let my pup loose there. Usually in the winter there aren’t many people about after 5 or 6 and there aren’t any sporting activities either. The running joke was that it was a “winter dog park”. Do you think that might have something to do with it?


    Life is amazing

    Hi CD,
    Nice photo :)


    great idea

    hey CD! glad to see you can still chime in even with all the folks complaining they still can’t join the forum!

    I think it has gotten worse even since you left. sure a “winter” dog park would be fine if poople kept to the post-dusk hours you suggest. now it is noon on a sunny saturday when you will see a half dozen dogs romping about.
    (too bad there wasn’t a webcam on a post over there for you to watch).

    as I mentioned in my OP, I wouldn’t care much if it became a dog park at night time.
    I believe there is some precedent there– e.g. TT Minor school in Capitol Hill which becomes an off-leash area in the evening.

    the place(s) that replaced your place is almost done! maybe I’ll take a photo and make it my avatar.
    hope things are good for you in NM. looks like they’re shooting at cops down there, too. guess you can’t escape that craziness.


    great idea

    well look at that cdpenne– I guess I don’t need to make the development that replaced your house my avatar.

    I found a reddit thread about it! lol

    Little boxes on the hillside. Little boxes made of ticky tacky… from Seattle


    Gilman gal

    Hey fella!

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