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    the Monorail is back on the ballot? really? totally surprised me, I remember signed the very first ballot petition back in the 90s but never heard about this one, maybe with all the bus cuts and lack of service by sound transit this one might get more support than the last time around but I suspect the politicians will kill it again like last time *sigh*



    Just yesterday Mrs. Ernie and I were over in West Seattle and lamenting the fact that we were hosed out of the original monorail by the city’s forces of evil, and how that kept us from being whisked back to Ballard in a gleaming metal tube, high above the traffic jams, crumbling infrastructure, and botched tunnels below.



    Ha, this is so funny! Just this last week I finally got around to converting some old VHS tapes over to digital and on one I had some snippets of the monorail in the 80s. In all of the shots I am driving the train! Needless to say, I was a lot younger and I had hair!
    It is amazing that we are still going round in circles over this. Everyday that I drove the monorail I was amazed at how efficient it was a s a mode of transportation. It is very fast, can carry a lot of people and was very inexpensive to build at the time. I used to imagine a monorail system running from Everett to Tacoma above I5, with stops at major points all the way along. I still think it is a great idea.



    Yeah SunsetHillGuy, I never heard of this at all.

    We moved into Crown Hill in 2001 thinking the sure to be constructed Monorail was going to stop at 85th and 15th. Little did we know.

    Mike Lindblom has a nice piece in the Seattle Times dated Friday.

    Ballard to West Seattle would be a great start to a regional monorail system.

    But I think this city has a problem with:
    1) what does “YES” mean? 4 votes “YES” and keep asking until you get a “NO” vote. Well the folk who benefited from that sequence of votes on the Monorail were the Benaroyas.
    2) what does “NO” mean? How many times did we vote against the stadium. And we got a stadium.

    Strategically thinking, maybe we should put up a proposal prohibiting a monorail, and keep voting until we got one vote allowing it. ;)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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