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    I am sure some of you have noticed that the city recently “enhanced” the pedestrian access at the intersection of NW 62nd St. and 36th Ave NW. Well today I noticed a couple of guys cutting away at the new curb! I asked them what was happening and they told me that they had been contracted by the city to “fix” the work! Apparently the angle of the ramp is off among other things. I asked if the work had been inspected and they said that a city inspector had signed off on the original work and then someone checked and determined that the job was not properly done. What a waste of money. I wondered why they did all that work in the first place when there are intersections on the Ballard Greenway that still do not have ramps, 28th and 58th for example.

    Gripe. gripe…..



    I wondered about why they did that originally. And actually it is at a weird angle when you come up hill in car. I agree. Total waste of money.


    great idea

    I run by this intersection frequently and found it odd that so much was invested for such a little-used area (relatively speaking).

    that is sad that someone (a local neighbor, maybe a landscape architect even?) found this to be unacceptable.

    I often thought that someone nearby clearly knew someone at the city to get such work performed.



    gi – I had the same though when they started that work, that somebody lobbied for it to be done. However they had created ramps on many of the intersections north of there on 36th and put in a few traffic circles on 34th, so maybe this was just part of the plan. IT still puzzles me that not all the intersections on the Greenway have ramps? Some have new ramps but quite a few have no ramps, so a person in a wheel chair, especially a heavy electric one, would have a difficult time traveling the route.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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