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    Might be time for a couple jersey barriers.

    I guess you can’t post links so you’ll have to go to Kiro and search for “car crashes into Ballard Taco Time” to see the picture



    Yep links and picture url’s aren’t working yet. I believe they are waiting to see how well the spam blockers work. Too bad. I have really cool picture of an eagle I just tried to post on VB’s thread.



    Couldn’t quite tell, but it looked like it might have been a Porsche 911.

    Nice hat, CD.


    Geeky Swedes

    We posted a short story about it here:

    Car crashes into Taco Time on Market



    I’m reminded of when someone plowed into Ocho (was it Ocho then? I think it was) and they posted a sign that they were closed while they repaired their drive-through.

    Thank goodness the injuries are minor this time.

    Can I please never have to use the words “this time” for this subject again???



    GAM, it was a police car that was rammed into Matt’s Gourmet Hot Dogs. Glad it’s now Ocho.



    Thanks, Rudy. Ocho seemed wrong, and I knew it wasn’t the travel place.

    (we’re still not indenting, huh?)



    Actually there was some damage to Ocho from a car once recall it messed up the outdoor area atleast.. Not just from the police car that one time.



    NOOOO!!! Not Taco Time! Come to think of it, people hit that thing every so often. Why isn’t there a traffic barrier there?



    It wasn’t a good weekend for Ballard drivers. On Saturday night someone drove north-to-south through Ballard Corners Park (17th between 62nd & 63rd), ripping both the bollards out of the ground and leaving a giant muddy tire track.



    Novalis you are correct. Back in February last year someone ran into the patio seating area. (I tried posting a link to the MyBallard story but it wouldn’t let me)


    Avocado Head

    Glad nobody was hurt, but scary…

    Regardless of who was at fault in this and other incidents, I really hope that split in the road gets looked at by some folks smart about traffic safety. It seems to confuse too many drivers…

    – Avocado



    The Taco Time has been the site of way too many accidents, I remember back in ’96 or ’97 someone drove head-on into the pole, no idea if they survived but they needed the Jaws of Life to get them out. Some years back after the Easter crash the city repainted the intersection there so Market no longer was a straight on drive into Taco Time but it really needs something more than just lines painted there but that might be a problem for the 61 (assuming Metro doesn’t kill it) coming down from 32nd onto Market



    A double post. Still getting used to new format



    A person I know who grew up in Ballard. Said that before Taco Time was there it was a gas station. I have only known it as Taco Time. Anyone remember what business there before?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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