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    The more things change, the more they stay the same. Thirteen years ago as we study in front of the TV watching the towers come down I told my son that we were at war because there was no way to conceive of that without knowing the U.S. would go to war. And here we are posed on the brink of a new war. Or is it still the same war? I googled Caliphate today. A whole part of history I never learned How arrogant the West was to not pay attention to that part of the world for so many years.



    We weren’t even taught about many other positive contributions to our own country from those of African heritage; and look at the skewed message we got about Native Americans.

    What a difficult day this is.



    Indeed Cate and Botanicals on Clay.

    While we’re thinking about the difficulty of the day, our country was also involved in a big way on September 11th, 1973 — the CIA sponsored coup d’état in Chile.



    there are many things we were never taught in school about history, that of our own country and a lot about that of the rest of the world. If you really want to know how far back all this mess goes read “A Peace to End All Peace”:

    it describes how the West at the end of WWI set up the modern Middle East, the legacy of which we’ve been dealing with ever since.

    as for today’s anniversary it is that of a day I hope we never have to go through again



    our country was also involved in a big way on September 11th, 1973 — the CIA sponsored coup d’état in Chile.

    It was not really the CIA, but ITT, who made it look like the CIA. Lot of money to be made in Central and South America, Perot even tried (succeeded) to throw a presidential election to stop the Mexican free trade agreement and to protect his telcom monopoly in Central Anerica



    I hope the President can successfully crush the radical Islamic movements known as ISIS, Hamas and al-Qaeda. Awful people with terrible goals.



    First, I’m glad that folks are taking a moment in their lives to remember Sept 11th, and also to think about our country’s past and future role in the world.

    Cate mentioned the West not paying attention to the Middle East; SHG points out that maybe at times it’s been too much attention!

    While acknowledging that there have been negative results of US actions overseas as mentioned above, I’d also like to recognize the positive actions of the US government, individuals and especially local organizations in welcoming and assisting refugees from strife all over the world. Starting with the terrible aftermath of WWII, many millions of people forced to flee their homes have been able to build new lives and enrich our communities here in the US.



    On the plus side, we now know know it takes 13 years before a very serious national tragedy becomes thread fodder for a bunch of whacktastic non sequiturs.



    Wow, a couple of thousand die due to a terrorist attack and we spend billions and thousands of our young soldiers lives to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    Meanwhile, 8 to 10 thousand die every year by the hand of drunk drivers.

    The US of A needs to get its shit together.

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