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    I was on the BG this morning and there’s an appalling amount of trash along it, from Ballard to the U District – shopping carts with trash scattered around them, random piles of trash here and there, trash strewn about around garbage cans … WTF is going on? The amount of trash is disgusting. It’s starting to look like a third world country along the Burke.



    As someone who runs that trail 6 days a week, yeah there can be quite a bit and it seems to be pretty bad right now. The worst area is probably after gasworks. It isn’t on the Burke, but a staircase away. If you head to UW from the West crosswalk from Gasworks, not the section you are walking there, but the next one. Half way through it there is a staircase and a massive pile of trash. That is where one of the buses was for weeks. Not saying this is a transient issue, but just saying I know what was there before. Right next to Albert Lee has a bunch too.



    The trash got so bad that the city gave the RVs on Northlake 2 weeks to move. That was about 9 days ago. I heard that Rex Holhbein organized a cleanup that was successful, but sounds like it was too little, too late. Does anyone who is connected to the homeless in Ballard organize cleanups? I believe it would go a long way toward improving attitudes about the RVs and campers.


    great idea

    yes Kate, and that was why “Seattle gave RVs gas and batteries” as that other thread mentioned.

    it looks like the garbage along that little triangle on Leary Way is gone.

    regarding trash on the BG, I have ridden/run this trail for years and it’s always been bad.

    and if the ‘missing link’ were actually completed, I would not mind riding through a toxic dump as long as I had three feet to maneuver.



    I notice no complaints about the partying and trash at Golden Gardens. I bike there all the time.

    Every morning there’s trash piled everywhere, broken beer bottles, food containers pulled out of trash cans with crows and seagulls fighting over every scrap, a trash can was once thrown into the duck pond. I sometimes see what looks like had been a cookout at a picnic table with plates of half eaten food where everybody just got up and left (maybe they were raptured). One time someone left a pile of probably stolen wood pallets in the parking lot, most likely too drunk to carry them to the beach and burn them. You’ve got idiots bringing barbecues to the beach, then realizing they can’t load this scorching mass back in their car so they leave all this for the city to have to cart off.

    It must take the 3 or 4 guys hours to not only empty all the trash cans but to walk the beach and parking lots picking up every scrap of trash by hand. And this is just one public park in the city, multiply the cost by 50 more. I’d rather my tax dollars go to help those less fortunate than myself, rather than the able bodied partiers who think it’s their god-given right to purposely trash public parks and leave the mess for someone else to clean up.

    But yea, complain if you must about a few homeless people sitting on a park bench drinking out of a paper bag. Much easier to dismiss the unshaven people who smell funny than the clean-cut kid down the street who is just blowing off a little steam on the weekend.



    I’ve been at GG in the early morning after a weekend and it’s a mess. You’d think that the parks dept would put out more trash cans- and cans that are critter proof- out as it’s obvious there aren’t enough. It wouldn’t solve the problem of people who don’t clean up after themselves but it would be significantly better.

    I think we are equal opportunity complainers here. I haven’t heard anybody on the forum giving a “pass” to any segment of society to slop up the neighborhood.

    I’ve been picking up litter on the BG trail near The Canal on a random basis. I picked up a needle this morning and left it in a sharps container in a bathroom at the locks.



    I also read about that clean-up that was organized for the Northlake campers. Nice of the person who organized it, but it also seems like enabling to me. I don’t see why people can’t clean up after themselves.



    People CAN clean up after themselves… usually just too friggin’ lazy to do anything about it.



    Great Idea, that trash on Leary has moved to street next to Jack In The Box. Every day he brings more and more stuff. Today pretty nice white couch and chair. Just wondering how he gets all that stuff is encroaching on Jack In The Box property, right by drive thru. Also wonder why City allows that to continue.



    I rode home on the Burke Gilman today and there was a mentally ill guy screaming at people and snapping branches off trees. It was extremely unsettling. If I was walking and not on my bike, it would have made me very nervous.

    The number of visibly mentally ill and/or strung out people on the streets these days is really alarming. It is not an exaggeration to say that every single time we leave the house, we encounter at least one, often more, people like this.

    The city needs to do something about this. It really has reached crisis levels.



    The free spirits don’t care about the environment or picking-up their debris. All they care about is how to get the next tall can of malt brew.



    Now a ton of trash is outside fred meyer. Maybe it was the Jack in the Box guy as he was on a couch by the corner. Trash in the tree, all over the sidewalk. Fun times.



    I saw that this morning, SEdholm. It is unbelievable.

    But hey, homeless people aren’t mentally ill. They’re just victims of the economy, down on their luck.

    We need to get serious and start treating this as a public health/mental health problem, not wasting our time on tent cities and other useless measures. This city’s approach to homelessness is incredibly stupid.

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