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    Yet another of Ballard’s soon-to-be 6-story urban fortresses is rising behind me, and in recent weeks has finally blocked the last bit of my view to the south. One unanticipated side effect is that this has made my T-Mobile cell serviced unusable in the house, with one bar of signal right at the southern windows, and the X-marks-no-service through most of the indoors.

    Fortunately, T-Mobile was very helpful, asking me a short checklist of questions, and then sending me a fancy in-home cell signal booster which sits at the window and retransmits boosted voice/3G/4G/LTE throughout the house! Since I had discontinued landline phone service a few years ago, I’m happy to report that this cell booster actually works well. If you’re in a similar situation, I highly recommend it, as long as your cell company doesn’t try to make you pay for it (that was what happened to my brother a while back).

    Ironically, as I was troubleshooting the original signal issue, I found that Ting(Sprint) worked fine in my location, even through/around the new construction.

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