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    Just noting I saw the USS Ranger ( decommissioned US Navy Aircraft carrier ) being towed on it’s 16,000 mile trip around Cape Horn to wreckers yard. Sad yet powerful image. Going by right now at 5 PM PST.
    8 bells.
    regards to all,



    It was a majestic thing to watch but like you said, kind of sad.



    I have to add that this is a ship whose planes dropped napalm and other horrible killing devises on many innocent people. As much as I want our nation and world to be safe and free from conflict, this ship was used by the powers that be to wage war on innocent people, so I hope it makes it around the bottom of the Americas to the final resting place.



    Your points are well made, but did you really feel the need to politicize a simple observation of a ship ( albeit a Navy ship ) being towed up Puget Sound?

    With all do respect, the complaints about this board being ” dead ” may, in some respects at least, be due to the stifling political correctness we seem to have laying over us like a blanket.

    Yes, it was a ship of war I suppose. I offer that the aid the US provided off her decks also are noteworthy, as were the recoveries of Vietnamese refugees in peril, air protection and treaty compliance post Iraq 1, and innumerable acts of valour in the name of peace. Yes, people were killed and families destroyed as a result of sorties flown off her decks. None of these, I venture, were done other than other direct orders of military leaders under command of elected civilian command.

    You are entitled to your observation and comment, as am I. I note, however, that mine was offered without political, or agenda driven, reasoning.

    Perhaps we should just talk about, oh…the weather..hummingbirds…dogs…or whatever else is non potentially offensive.

    If there is such a topic.

    Goodnight, likely here, forever.


    great idea

    “Sad yet powerful image”

    thanks for including a link or picture you took to share.



    I don’t think it’s off topic at all to note that a romanticized war shipped waged war, and that war is not always romantic. More of a realty check, really. That ship was many things and we shouldn’t ignore any of them.



    From the distance I saw it from, a picture would have a waste of pixels and bandwidth.

    The story was widely reported in the press, but if you need some links, here you go:

    In a surprising turn of events, some of those stories actually have pictures!

    We now return to our regularly scheduled discussion about birds, lost cats and car prowling.



    Matthew – yes, my first thought when I read your post was about all the fire and hell the planes from that carrier had rained down on the people of this planet. Then I wished I had seen it as it was towed up the sound. I just thought that and like you I shared my thoughts here on the forum, I think this is what makes this forum alive and worth participating in. I was not rude or abusive, just sharing my thoughts.



    And Matthew, I have to admit I am trying to get the Forum back to a place where we discuss more than just birds and the weather etc.. I really enjoy a good debate and like to see many different sides of the topic, it keeps me on my “old” toes.. :)



    Hey VB, wanna have a debate or old-time flamewar in another thread? I remember when a major point of BBSes was debate. My skills are quite rusty, but a little use could sharpen them up.


    great idea

    thanks for the links Matthew.

    I know it was “widely reported”, but my Kitsap Sun had not yet arrived when I read your post.

    I did find this tidbit interesting:
    “One old aircraft carrier goes to scrap, but behind this symbolic moment is very real debate over whether flattops are obsolete and the cost of the future Navy”

    that’s fine to get rid of old war ships, but I draw the line at someone telling me how I can or can’t cut my hair.

    Johnny Unitas would be rolling in his grave.

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