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    Geeky Swedes

    Finally, we have launched a brand new forum with several new (and we think awesome) features. But first, our apologies for all the glitches, and we thank you for your patience.

    We couldn’t move everyone to the new forum, thanks to an unbelievable number of spam accounts and an extremely old database, so unfortunately you’ll need to re-register. Just click “register” in the upper left of the site. (If there’s a conflict with usernames, we will give current users priority.)

    For the time being, the old forum will continue to limp along at MyBallard.com/forum. We’re rolling out the new forum in waves, first to current members, then we’ll promote it more widely on the blog. So if you’re reading this now, you’re a beta tester!

    The new forum is very similar to before. But here’s what’s new:

    1. You can now create your own groups with their own forums. So for example, maybe you want to start a Ballard parenting group. Or one for Loyal Heights or Ballard food. These groups can be public, private or even hidden altogether. Go to MyBallard.com/groups to join a group that’s already been created, or make your own (make sure you click to add a forum during the set up process).

    2. You can now “friend” each other, enabling you to invite your friends to your favorite groups. You can also private message your friends, too. To see all the members, go to MyBallard.com/members.

    3. There are expanded profiles with more information than before, which enable you to see the groups you’ve joined and check your messages.

    We’re probably missing a bunch of things, but we’ll be here, listening to you as you run into the inevitable snags. Again, our apologies for the inconvenience of switching, but we hope the new forum and groups will be better than ever.

    Thanks again,
    The Geeky Swedes



    Thanks, Geeky Swedes!!!



    Are image attachments going to be enabled at any point? The option is there but it doesn’t seem to be working.


    Geeky Swedes

    We’re waiting on that one to see how the spam protection works. We have very bad memories from the early days of the forum of spammers posting embedded photos of porn.



    I figured it might be something like that. Regardless, it is nice to have all the coding options readily available like they are now. Overall this is a gigantic improvement over the old forum. Thanks for all your hard work!


    Nora Bell

    Okay. Let’s take this one for a spin, shall we?



    Thanks for all your work. I have had enough experience with software and systems to know how frustrating it can be and know only too well how time flies when you keep saying “It should work this time”


    Avocado Head

    Woohoo! Been waiting for over a year for this day. Have been registered, but unable to login… Have been reading the forum regularly, enjoying the show whole munching on popcorn. Excited to see this place grow with all the new blood.

    Thanks for all the hard work GS!




    Welcome Avacado Head.


    Kate Bergman

    Avocado – Welcome! I told you more than a year ago that we were working on a fix. FINALLY is all I can say! Thanks for your patience. ~Kate



    I’m just glad there’s finally a way for us “newbies” to join,I tried to sign up back in July and never got anything more than some garbled password that never worked!!


    Geeky Swedes

    Made a few more tweaks:

    – Turned on the toolbar at the top for all users, so you can login directly from there.
    – Added “groups” to the site navigation.
    – Added (I think) the ability for all registered users to post one link per post.
    – Darkened that little “reply” link a little more

    Hope those help!



    SunsetHillGuy you resemble my username! :o)

    And Swedes, those tweaks definitely help improve the UI here. Thanks for the continued work!

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