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    Gracie, Back when you did the outgoing correspondence, I hope you included all the required a’s, the’s, and that’s? :)

    Congratulations on your retirement, must be fun to chose how to spend the day.


    Life is amazing

    sunset hill, love that!



    An activity for sometime you are completely bored at work with nothing to do.

    1) Turn on autospell, autocomplete, autocorrect or whatever they are all called.
    2) Start typing a business letter to someone.
    3) Always accept the first suggestion, no matter what.

    There was a contest for this a few years back. I can no longer find the website with the results, but rest assured it was subtler than damnyouautocorrect.com


    Life is amazing

    I once wrote an email to the guy in the tech department to tell him that my o key wasn’t working.

    Hi TJ,
    ne of the keys n my keybard isn’t wrking. Culd yu cme fix it?

Viewing 4 posts - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)

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