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    My credit union, which only has two branches in all (one of which isn’t in WA) is in the shared credit union network where you can do transactions at 7-11. What always concerns me though is a lot of times 7-11 is the last place I’d want to get cash just because of the super sketchy people that tend to congregate outside.

    As far as the special snowflakes go, there are so many. I really think the majority of people (it feels like the majority at least) don’t think about how their actions affect other people. Yes, that means the people who go out to the “fast” lane on the freeway and drive the same speed or slower as the other lanes. And the people at grocery store check-out lines who are on their cell phones as the checker is trying to get them to pay. The list goes on and on. It was kind of funny though, I was going to work last week and was behind someone driving in a not-so-polite way. The person cut in front of me, went slow, braked during a green light then sped through when it turned yellow, etc. I ended up seeing them in my company parking lot. Later in the morning I saw the same person block the entrance in the lunchroom as they talked to someone oblivious that people were trying to get in and out. It makes total sense, it was just a “wow, you’re a jerk driver and it turns out you’re oblivious in other areas of your life too!” moment.


    Allison W

    At my theatre job (which requires a huge amount of spatial awareness) I see it all the time–people standing in doorways having conversations, stuff like that. I guess it takes all types….



    sure does “Special snowflake”. Sure does



    There is a paring lot upstairs behind BECU. There are ATMs at Chase, QFC, WA Federal and Bank of America, with parking lots. There is a BECU branch at Safeway on Market and at Fred Meyer. I diagnose a. sheer laziness and b. a huge sense of entitlement.

    Common though it may be in other parts of the country, it is still illegal.Oh, but you didn’t want to take the time to park because you’re special? I wonder how a judge would feel about that defense.

    Next time, I’m taking the keys.


    Allison W

    My, what a mean-spirited and needless reply (and screenname). Here’s hoping “Beerated” has a somewhat better day today–or at least doesn’t go out of his or her way to kick sand in anyone’s face.



    Never mind, found it…

Viewing 6 posts - 26 through 31 (of 31 total)

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