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    Walked by the Sunset on Sunday night and it was closed, with the windows papered over and a liquor license application notice. Since they already have a liquor license (or at least used to), that makes me wonder if it’s being sold and/or turned into a different bar.

    Please tell me the Sunset is not going to become another pretentious bar for the bridge-and-tunnel set.



    They just emailed me a crappy “teaser video” about their remodel.
    I’m sure the cozy, Chinese decor will be ripped out and replaced with the soul-less concrete floor, brick, artisan light fixture, and exposed beam shit-show de jour.
    Upon re-opening, i’m sure the din of douchebags will be too loud in there to hear yourself think.



    Finally, a place on Ballard Ave to get plastered without the annoyance of live music competing for your imbibing attention. Maybe they’ll install big screen TVs and show football games for an original touch.

    edit: I see they’ve still got music scheduled on their website this month, September and October. http://sunsettavern.com/



    They won’t reopen until the “Founders Club” sells out;)



    Laura13, what did this “teaser video” tell you? I’m curious to see it, though it will probably be thoroughly depressing.

    Also, I noticed that BalMar has been closed for a while, reportedly for a remodel (a new and improved douchey look?). But it’s been a while. I’m guessing they might have run into financial troubles.

    Buffalo, I am a proud member of the Stoup founders club!



    I noticed that BalMar has been closed for a while

    No, I’m pretty sure they are open for business. Actually, Balmar is one of the more tolerable Douche Palaces in Ballard.



    They were closed on Sunday and didn’t used to be.

    I’d say it might be Ballard’s number one douche palace on Friday and Saturday nights. What would be worse on weekend nights?

    I like it other nights, though.



    My initial response was “I know it’s been a while, but those are clouds.”



    Compass Rose, here you go.



    WTF? That video is awful. Tells you nothing about the remodel or future plans and is just disturbing and creepy.



    I like the videos. The dog is a great symbol for the place – a little old and rickety, but still living large.

    What I get from it is
    1) they aren’t going to give everything away just yet. It’s a teaser.
    2) they are celebrating the legacy of the place, so expect that to be respected.
    3) it’s not just a clean up, there will be some upgrades such as the separate lounge area.
    4) they are only closed for seven weeks, so it can’t be a massive overhaul.

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