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    Julie Norwood

    West Seattle Blog has a list of places opened and closed for the SB. Was kind of hoping to see one started here also but no luck. Every place that will be opened will be packed. Anyone know of places in the greater Ballard area that will be open, will have TV’s for SB viewing, and are taking reservations?


    Nora Bell

    I don’t know of anyplace doing reservations. Perhaps pick your favorite bar and get there very early?



    The past few years we’ve done what we laughingly call our “metrosexual weekend”; we go to a ballet matinee at PNB, and then go out to a bar/restaurant for booze and snacks. It’s fairly perfect timing, as we usually arrive at the bar at halftime for the show and just watch the last half of the game. I suspect this year might not be so seamless with the heightened hysteria. I think if I really wanted to see the game I’d stay home and watch it…or go to a home party.


    Nora Bell

    Yeah, everywhere is going to be crazy. I’m going to a friend’s yearly SB party. Best way to do it this year, find a friend to watch it with and bring a few beers and some snacks.



    Love that pup pic, Julie! I would watch at home. Fox is streaming it live, so you can watch on TV or Computer, Tablet


    Allison W

    Stoup has a big screen for the big show. Might be a good option.

    I’ll be where I watched all the games this season, if I can get in. It will be hella packed.



    Bad Alberts was taking reservations this past weekend. They called me to confirm yesterday so I betting they are full.



    Hotel downtown for $25K can have suite, with two big screens and invite all your buddies!

    Me – I have to work. Bummer.


    great idea

    to the OP, Julie Norwood–

    I believe it was your uncle Scott who said it best when he declared, “just don’t go wide right at the big dance.”



    In my house. And before anyone says anything about me being a Brit, there are 3 lifelong Hawks fans here, all of ’em born at Swedish :-)



    Penny… Did you see this photo from earlier? It was titled “Football!”



    I did Rudy!


    Life is amazing

    Party at Penny’s!!!

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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