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    Or are you just a ‘token’ mod to keep us quiet? :-)



    Been out to sea myself, caught a few fish, got a few rays, am recovering, pennygirl, a cropped avatar sounds sort of religious…



    pg – when I saw your last post I thought you were referencing “mods”!
    Myself I was a “mocker”, leather jacket, suede shoes, tight jeans, Beatle hair cut etc total mix up of styles, very confusing and needless to say at 15 I was also very confused and of course ..angry… but then I discovered the beats and the hippies.. And then this was it:

    Check out the end part! Was that prophetic or what!



    pennygirl, I think it’s even worse than being a token mod. I didn’t ask to be a moderator, nor was I asked. I’m not really all that computer literate. I also don’t have a lot of time to spend here. So kind of an odd choice. I’m in the dark as much as everyone else.

    As far as my super powers, as near as I can tell I have a little bar that sits over every single post with buttons labeled: “Edit | Move | Split | Trash | Spam | Reply”. Apparently that’s it. So, I could edit your post or delete it.

    I also get locked out, and don’t know why. Hours or days later, I can log in again. And other times, I can’t reply to particular posts.



    We also serve who sit and lurk ;o)



    I just signed up again. The forum sure looks different. Will have to look around it today(:



    Ever since the old board went down, i’ve been on Pinterest a lot. Anyone have an account there? It’s a lot of fun. They have heaps of recipes.

    If you’re on there, follow me if you like i’m ——>




    Shelley – you are a mod even though they didn’t bother to ask you?! I would normally be surprised, but given how this forum seems to operate, I’m not.



    VB, I was a total mod in high school. Loved those scooter boys. :)



    Johnny Marr on Mod, Scooters, Harley Davidson and Heavy Metal. Frankly I’m inclined to agree with him.

Viewing 10 posts - 26 through 35 (of 35 total)

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