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    Does anyone have any experience with filing a claim with the city or state for vehicle damage resulting from potholes or other road maintenance issues? I found a form online for SDOT but the damage to my car occured on 99 so I think it is under the state’s jurisdiction.

    On SB 99, just before entering the Battery St tunnel, there is an expansion joint that has big pieces of concrete breaking off of it, and what looks like a half-assed repair that is also crumbling apart. When I drove over it this morning, a chunk of concrete broke loose when my front wheel hit it, and banged along the underside of my car, ripping a big chunk of the plastic skid plate clean off. I looked in my mirror and saw chunks of road and prices of skidplate flying everywhere, with the cars behind me swerving to avoid the debris.

    It doesn’t seem like there is any damage beyond the skid plate but I’m not sure until I get it up on the rack to take a look. If it turns out to be expensive I might try to file a claim unless it sounds like a waste of time. Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated. I did send an email with some pictures to the WSDOT Maintenance Supervisor to let him know that his road is falling apart.


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