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    “small plates and microbrews”? bring ’em on!

    I have only lived in Ballard for 15 years but am familiar with this town 20 years ago.

    sure, it was much sleepier, but there were definitely vagrants around. one of my early memories of Ballard was seeing an older homeless-looking guy playing his guitar up the steps of some old building down on ballard ave in the mid-90’s.

    but 10+ microbreweries in a one mile radius? sure I’ll take that.

    traffic is certainly worse, but this neighborhood has only improved IMHO. it really doesn’t bother me running past a bunch of tents near the locks which I do on a daily basis.

    I’m super happy Edog and pennygirl are still lurking to engage. where did you move to Edog? how about you, crownhiller?

    even when my kids are out of school I love being ‘near the action’ but lucky enough to own a house with a yard.

    it’s funny to ask “was Ballard better 20 years ago” when property values have probably jumped 4700% since then

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    great idea

    hi gracie– sometimes it seems like you’re composing your posts as telegrams:
    “Had horrific wounds from this(stop). New vet who saved her life (stop).

    it’s as if you’re dictating it or trying to save money on words, but trust me, it’s endearing (even if Edog used to call you out on it).

    he and pennygirl used to have some great rapport here. I sometimes think of her when I go to that hillbilly QFC on Holman road (as I did today).

    ironically, today I also saw that mental guy gracie refers to above who has a 7000+ comment thread about him on Nextdoor. he was just strolling down the street minding his own business.

    Nextdoor can not replace the great dialogue we had here. something about the anonymity and self-policing was conducive to some more well-rounded discussions (as opposed to having two particular ‘leads’ who set their agenda on Nextdoor which only serves to skew the thinking of actual neighbors).

    so, are you all rooting for the Falcons on Sunday?

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    great idea

    “…and the rest”? now I know how the Professor and Mary Ann Summers felt in those early episodes.

    I’m glad to see your posts still have that ‘telegram-like’ style, gracie– brings back fond memories.

    I agree Miss Wahoo that Nextdoor is very different, although there’s some good entertainment there (especially with two of the leads– one a conspiracy-theorist and another former frequent poster of this site who thinks Ballard’s been going to hell in a hand-basket for years and years now). it gets old though, the obsession with garbage, homeless, potholes, etc.

    it would be interesting if this forum suddenly had some sort of resurgence

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    great idea

    oh, I definitely would’ve sold!

    but I would hardly blame the ‘loud noise from 20th which made it impossible for my kids to sleep’.

    20th is not a loud street, not nearly as bad as 24th or 15th so I find that very disingenuous. clearly, they sold out and bought their quiet enclave up north– good for them.

    I agree that entire area is obviously experiencing massive redevelopment and unless you’re getting in on that, it would be a silly place to buy

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    great idea

    what the hell is that Edog??

    back to Nextdoor, there is now a long thread about saving an historic house from the wrecking ball (at 20th & 61st).

    the former owner even chimed in to say how sad it was and how they were pushed out by all the garbage, etc.

    of course she failed to mention that they bought the house in 2012 for $700k then sold it in 2015 for over $1.2 mil. not a bad return for 3 years– gotta hand it to those carpetbaggers!

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    great idea

    I finally figured out the flagging feature. they did kind of hide it so that it would be less tempting.

    Sunflower– I have also inadvertently thanked people with my big doughy fingers. I think if you hit thank again, it ‘unthanks’ them.

    I personally enjoy compass rose’s ridiculous comments. particularly when there’s lots of people getting priced out of Ballard and other neighborhoods, it’s good to know that some people “chose to live here and don’t want the stress of moving… oh wait it’s time to live on my boat for awhile– hope no one steals my car while I’m out sailing”

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    great idea

    VB how could you???!

    that’s fine. she lets the world know how terrifying Ballard has become since there are people with shopping carts walking around and she is inconvenienced by neighbors blocking her garage since they don’t want to park on the street and have their tools stolen.

    I still don’t get why the flagging feature is no longer available for me on ND. it used to be right next to the ‘thank’. maybe some ‘lead’ blackballed me

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    great idea

    fair enough Crownhiller.

    with our added density, I’m still glad the city installed these greenways to make getting around by foot or bike a safer endeavor.

    it makes sense that there would be increased traffic elsewhere and that sucks to be on one of the adjacent streets. hopefully some corrections (no right turn or such) can happen to mollify things.
    ironically I remember compass rose complaining about her street becoming a greenway. I guess some things will always be horrifying to certain people.

    now can someone answer my question as to whether ND still has the flagging feature? that’s pretty much all I ever did over there, usually just to irk others

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    great idea

    so I am curious– did Nextdoor remove the flagging feature?

    granted, I don’t check into that site very often but was surprised to see that I could only ‘thank’ posts and not ‘flag’ any.

    the site has calmed down a bit. although now there are folks on there claiming that they can not maintain their alley and use it as a personal wildlife refuge.

    there’s another funny thread where the greenway on 17th is being blamed for higher traffic on 16th and other adjacent streets.

    when you make one street more pedestrian and bike friendly, this is a likely outcome, but I highly doubt it’s really so terrible.

    on that same thread, there are people complaining about the traffic bulb at 17th and 80th because it slows down their precious commute and others even suggesting we remove stop signs because no one pays attention to them!

    I personally enjoy when compass rose, avril, julie, etc. participate on that forum as it becomes so much more entertaining!

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    great idea

    yes, there is lots of emotion.

    maybe her vitriol involves confusion?
    “Amazingly enough, we rode bikes before the Burke Gilman Trail. (Which begs the question: why is Northlake Blvd clogged with bikes, when the BGT is 20 feet away? Just curious.”

    there is no such Northlake Blvd in Seattle. you’d think someone that has lived here for 125 years would know better.

    it is funny that she would go so far as to accuse several others of being the infamous VeganBiker!

    now there are others (former lutefisk eating champs at that), who are trying to ‘keep the Seafood fest thread on topic’ when in fact, one of the more sensible people on that forum (a guy named Alex) had not known about the BCC’s obstructionist ways. I think lots of new-comers to Ballard don’t realize the politics at play with the missing link.

    gracie, I won’t share Compass Rose’s real name but she does continue to decry Ballard and keeps threatening to move, especially given the “horrifying” situation where two men were found dead in alleys within a one mile radius of her house.

    besides the entertainment factor, Nextdoor has been good to find local services and give-aways. I suppose that’s what this site used to do.

    like Crownhiller, I will stick to anonymity for the most part regarding local blogs. there’s just too much drama that I don’t need following me around in perpetuity.

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    great idea

    thanks for creating this thread, vb.

    the Nextdoor site is highly amusing imho. the recent drama calling out one of the leads pointed out above were reminiscent of old MyBallard.

    funny what Salmon Bay said about the lead– there was another post about a dog in a bar that just seemed like some inebriated rambling, so good to see there is some consistency.

    they are OBSESSED with Erica Barnett on that site. some Nextdoor users have even created fake twitter accounts to attack her. I believe there have been 2 or 3 threads specifically about her, whether it’s her poorly researched Atlantic piece, or her sitting next to Mike O’Brien during his office hours (which somehow makes people uncomfortable).

    and good ol’ compass rose continues to think the sky is falling. was it one year ago that things started getting bad, or three? I can’t remember. I do recall some great threads ridiculing the greenways and some new developments which were to shi-shi for her tastes. I wish I would’ve seen the denial of such participation.

    I don’t think that site is sustainable (not like this was). I noticed there were some advertisements a few weeks ago, and I suppose we will see more. fwiw, I don’t participate on that site, but lurk every now and again for the entertainment factor

    great idea

    so some wealthy Ballard kids drove their parents convertible to the site and put up this fancy sign that they spent a few hundred dollars making?

    this speaks to how some folks have too much money and time on their hands.

    btw, anyone uploading to that facebook page needs to get a life.
    anyone who takes pride in shaming mentally ill people by taking their picture and posting on-line probably has issues herself.

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    great idea

    “Maybe the city could just rent that for the homeless ”

    sure Mondo.
    at what, $1000 per month, per person?

    so the fifty people at the encampment would cost taxpayers $50k per month, or $6 mil per year.

    somehow I don’t think the tents cost that much.

    that’s one thing that all the ‘housing first’ advocates never broach– the fact that housing here is very expensive (more so than Utah).
    those ‘permanent’ solutions would be terribly expensive.

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    great idea

    if they are measuring the building, I would guess they are planning some sort of renovation, which could still entail a huge rent hike (think Lockhaven becoming Cadence).

    if they are measuring (staking, etc.) property corners, I would guess a sale could be in the works (and possible redevelopment).

    it sounds like your building is much smaller than what could exist there, so I would also be nervous.

    great idea

    did any of you actually read the entire article?

    because other than the “underground parking taking away living space” the author is 100% correct.

    do you really believe renting out a parking space for $200 is going to fully subsidize a $50,000 parking spot?

    “But at Velo Apartments—a new, 171-unit, fully leased building located at 3635 Woodland Park Avenue North in Seattle’s Fremont area—just 100 out of 128 parking stalls have been rented, according to Rob Hackleman, associate development and asset manager for Mack Urban, which developed the building. Using the estimated $20,000-to-$50,000 per-stall calculation, that’s about $560,000 to $1.4 million worth of unnecessary parking spaces”

    regardless of what you think about the Stranger, you should all read this primer to better understand the parking issue: “The High Cost of Free Parking” by Donald Shoup.

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    great idea

    I’m guessing you’re referring to this map Mondo:

    which is even more pitiful (maybe because they’re using Bing?)

    if you’re able to navigate the map without the layer boxes disappearing, it still shows little information– a verbal description at best.

    on a side note, I find it extremely ironic that the anti-development crowd in Ballard (which always bemoans that density is not more spread out), had the opportunity to embrace this very course of action.
    yet the squeaky-wheeled NIMBYs (and their pocketbooks) frightened the mayor into retracting this proposal which will actually do nothing but focus more density in Ballard.
    as long as they still have two parking spots in front of their house, things are good apparently.

    great idea

    to make matters worse, Edog is washing his hair next Monday evening, so can’t attend either meeting.

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    great idea

    I was actually somewhat disappointed in the map.

    many of the links did not feature any imagery and didn’t seem very informative.

    on a side note, it looks like the MyBallard team did better reporting than KPLU.

    Paula Wissel incorrectly states in her article that the “website lets users click on any current permitted building project”

    Halynn Blanchard on the other hand, rightfully notes that the map shows “aspects of a project that requires or has gone through a Design Review”

    Seattle puts Design Review on the map

    the KPLU article makes it sound like any new house or remodel will be revealed on the map but it’s really only bigger projects on arterials.

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    great idea

    yes Kate, and that was why “Seattle gave RVs gas and batteries” as that other thread mentioned.

    it looks like the garbage along that little triangle on Leary Way is gone.

    regarding trash on the BG, I have ridden/run this trail for years and it’s always been bad.

    and if the ‘missing link’ were actually completed, I would not mind riding through a toxic dump as long as I had three feet to maneuver.

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    great idea

    right on pg! (and good to see you back albeit so sparingly).

    maybe apodments are affordable for some CR. after all, they are furnished so you would not need to buy certain items you would otherwise.

    also, the view is likely better than any of your single-family homes– probably all the townhomes to the West as well.

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    great idea

    that’s precisely the red-herring I was referring to Mondo.

    if the 100 year old ‘small pipes’ (I just checked my side-sewer card and see there is a 12″ sanitary line running down my street) were really ill-suited, then wouldn’t we have seen some sort of catastrophic failure in previous developments?

    it’s not like Ballard is the first neighborhood to go from single-family to multi-family dwellings.

    those pipes are going to fail because they’re old, not because of the increase in flow.

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    great idea

    “Then there is the effect of creating extra housing supply and more dense conditions on the market value of resale homes in a neighborhood”

    this is probably the ultimate truth in your commentary KS.
    people are afraid that adding density will lower their property values.

    there will certainly be impact to street-parking and noise levels.

    I don’t think fire, power grid, water, and sewer issues are necessarily true.

    townhomes typically have 2 hour fire-rated walls, whereas a single-family residence (which can be built as close as 3 feet from the property line if there is an existing non-compliant structure) only require a one-hour separation.
    do you really think modern building codes wouldn’t consider this?

    regarding the sewer capacity, Seattle’s wastewater treatment facilities can handle much more than current development. this seems to be a red-herring that people like to point to in their aversion to density.

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    great idea

    we have seen a large uptick in flies this year (both house flies and fruit flies).

    although I like to think our chickens are responsible, we did not have nearly the issue in past years with poultry.

    it’s gotten much better in the last few weeks, but the late spring was difficult.

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    great idea


    thanks for sending the link SB.

    although now that I read that entire thread again, it’s clear that the lack of trail completion is not really a problem for Compass Rose:

    “To avoid that, I’ve started riding down Ballard Avenue. It’s fun to ride down there when the street’s still quiet and most of the businesses aren’t open yet.”

    “I believe for many, they are against the path as its seen as a very real border to the protection of their enterprise.”

    ” I’ve noticed quite a few grocery carts and considerable garage along the Burke-Gilman around Fred Meyer (which must then be removed at taxpayer expense). Very annoying. ”

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    great idea

    maybe we just need to finish the B-G trail all the way to Golden Gardens:)

    I wonder how that employee VB described in the OP got those carts back to Safeway.
    he must have loaded them up at the Locks.

    it’s interesting that Compass Rose mentioned she rides her bike on the Burke Gilman trail yet has never complained that it is not a continuous path (especially given her predilection for grousing about things).

    perhaps I am misguided and she just rides toward Shilshole instead of towards the U and does not encounter this inconvenience. darn!

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