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    My mistake. So much love.
    “The owner deserves to be pepper-sprayed. Grrrr.” “… inconsiderate morons. I can’t believe how clueless and shitty people can be. Argh.” “If your dog attacks me, A) I’ll kick the dog’s ass, B) kick your ass, and C) will start with pepper spray on both of you.”

    I agree there are irresponsible owners with potentially dangerous dogs. Nothing pisses me off more than this.

    I also understand it’s not healthy to kowtow to peoples’ irrational fears. Too much government legislation based on this, in my opinion.

    Solution! I would urge everyone to join and help us create more safe play areas for the “other” children in Seattle (which outnumber human children). They need and deserve a safe, clean, large environment to run around and play in. Golden Gardens is okay, but it is not a good place for dog frisbee or ball chasing because it gets pretty crowded sometimes. And the hills and dusty/rocky ground is injurious. They need a nice big grassy area.

    I joined Cola so we could possibly have dog-hours at public parks that meet these requirements. With a healthy financial penalty to those who don’t pick up after their dogs.

    That’s my rant. Woof!

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    So much hate.

    There was a time when part of the price of constructing new buildings was to also pay for the infrastructure the increase in population required, such as providing a certain number of parking spaces in the neighborhood, increased fire and police personnel and buildings if necessary. This was required by the city and permits were not issued unless and until the builders had those things in place. I know this was in place back in Ohio where I was marginally involved in this process. I have no idea if it is a requirement here. If it’s not, why not? How can there be this huge population increase without paying for an increase in the infrastructure? Where I came from, it was the city council who implemented and oversaw these type of things. There was a way around it by granting variances, but that was pretty rare. Anyone know about the procedures here? All this new Ballard construction and no additional resources are added? Amazon and Microsoft expansions into Seattle proper and no additional resources? Does Seattle only operate on gas and property tax hikes and voter approved levies?

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    First time in 5 years for me. That’s when I moved here. What fun!

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    Looks like the same “artist” at the Golden Gardens dog park.

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    I’m here! Welcome back!

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