Neighbors: Church to vote on homeless shelter

The congregation of Our Redeemer’s Church is planning to vote on whether to allow a controversial SHARE homeless shelter move into Calvary Lutheran Church without sex offender background checks, several neighbors tell My Ballard. They said they were informed of the new development by Pastor Steve Grumm over the weekend while they were helping church staff spruce up the grounds around the vacant Calvary Lutheran building (below) in Loyal Heights. Neighbors say the congregation-only vote is scheduled for May 7th.

We spoke to Pastor Grumm this evening at home. “We’re not going to share any information,” Grumm said, explaining that the church had decided to stop talking with the media until they have an announcement in “a week to 10 days.” He refused to confirm a report posted a few hours earlier that quotes the church’s own spokesperson confirming the vote. “What the situation is today changes tomorrow,” he said. “Everything now is conjecture.” Grumm said the church is still “in the midst of a conversation” with neighbors….

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Tents along Shilshole Ave.

Several readers have posted in the forum about these tents along Shilshole Ave. near 24th Ave., near the old Yankee Diner. My Ballard reader Mymble contacted SPD about the tents. “Officer Haag, SPD, emailed me today to say he has contacted one of the groups using one of the large camping tents,” writes Mymble in […]

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