Rep. Carlyle’s update from Olympia

Representative Reuven Carlyle has emailed us a new blog post covering the flurry of activity in Olympia, especially surrounding the state budget. As is customary now, Carlyle is asking for your feedback on a wide range of issues — and he reads the comments. His post follows below:

In the waning days of the 2009 session in Olympia, legislators are debating, advocating, prodding, pushing and voting on major issues ranging from greenhouse gas emissions to education reform, domestic partnerships and job initiatives in cooperation with the Obama Administration.

Serving as a member of the state House has been a tremendous experience on a personal and professional level. The best part has been making a difference on profoundly important public policy issues that impact real people living real lives. The worse part has obviously been spending so much time away from my wife Wendy and our four children. I’m chomping at the bit to come home!

On the budget front: House and Senate budget negotiators are holed up in conference rooms in the Capitol forging a deal on how to address a $9 billion projected deficit in the $33 billion biennial operating budget. The central theme of the session has been jobs, jobs, jobs….

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Inside scoop from Olympia ‘beyond ugly’

This is the second blog post written by Rep. Reuven Carlyle, who represents Ballard and the rest of the 36th District. In his first post, he asked My Ballard readers for “your very best idea for an actual piece of legislation that I should introduce to benefit our community.” Dozens of you posted your ideas in comments. Now Rep. Carlyle reports back on your ideas, provides a Viaduct update and gives a frank assessment of the budget situation.

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Carlyle wants to hear your ideas for Olympia

This November, Ballard voters elected Reuven Carlyle (D) to the 36th District legislative seat. Carlyle ran on a platform of openness and transparency with the goal of becoming a “citizen legislator who listens well.” With that in mind, Carlyle has agreed to open a new and (we think) unprecedented line of communication: he’ll write about local issues right here on My Ballard and our sister blogs, encouraging your feedback and ideas. And yes, he’ll read the comments that follow. (Occasionally, we’ll invite other local leaders to write for My Ballard, as well.)

We encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to engage your local legislator at a critically-important time. Without further ado, here’s Carlyle’s introductory post below, with a challenge for My Ballard readers…

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