Car prowler in baseball flag cape gets arrested

Police have arrested a man suspected in a string of car prowls throughout Ballard.

As per the SPD Blotter, on Monday morning, a 29-year-old woman called police after discovering her Honda Accord had been broken into while parked in a garage in the 2400 block of NW Market St. She said her back window had been smashed and her hairdressing tools for work had been stolen, and that a tire iron had been left behind. Police say the garage surveillance video show that the suspect had draped himself in a San Francisco Giants flag during the break-in.

Based on descriptions of the suspect from other officers who knew him from past contacts, they were able to find the man in the Ballard Commons area later in the day and take him into custody. He is now booked in King County jail for car prowl, and officers will continue to work with prosecutors to determine if any additional charges will be filed.

Police work to reunite Ballard Veteran with stolen Purple Heart Medal

SPD Officers reunited a local Veteran with his stolen Purple Heart Medal after intercepting a suspect with a stolen car on Dexter Ave N last weekend. Read more from the North Precinct Blotter below:

The SUV’s driver caught the attention of officers around 5 a.m. on July 30 after he rolled through a stop sign near Dexter Way North and Dexter Avenue North in a black Dodge SUV.

Officers Adam Fowler and Noah Winningham began following the vehicle, which abruptly pulled over a few blocks away.

Police contacted the 39-year-old driver, who appeared nervous, admitted the SUV wasn’t his, and didn’t know the name of the vehicle’s owner.

Officers soon discovered the SUV was stolen, as were its temporary license tags, and noticed the driver had a can of pepper spray tucked between his legs.

Officers Fowler and Winningham arrested the driver—who also had a felony warrant—without incident and searched the SUV and found a scale, cash, and a collection of military clothing, pins, and a Purple Heart medal.


Police booked the suspect for possession of stolen property and his warrant and SPD’s Major Crimes Taskforce took up the case to help track down the medal’s owner.

After researching recent reports involving stolen medals, Major Crimes detectives found the items had been stolen from a Vietnam-era Marine Corps veteran in a carprowl near his Ballard home.

Detectives have contacted the man and are now working to reunite him with his medal and other stolen items.