Ballard Breweries


Updated 12/28/2020

With more than a dozen breweries, Ballard has become a tourist destination for beer. In fact, Ballard is home to more breweries than any other Seattle or Portland neighborhood. If you include Fremont and other next door neighborhoods, there are 22 breweries and taprooms!

The oldest of the bunch in the Ballard Brewery District is Maritime Pacific Brewing, founded in 1990 by George and Jane Hancock. The largest is Fremont Brewing, which was born next door in Fremont, but its massive production facility calls Ballard home. And a bit of history: back in 1982, Redhook was the first craft brewery to set up shop in Ballard (it has since moved).

Several of the newer breweries are within easy walking distance of each other in industrial Ballard. You can schedule a Ballard brewery tour here or here, or catch a ride on the CycleSaloon. Or if you’re a local like us, put on your hiking boots and plot your own route on our brewery map below:

We’ve added some breweries outside Ballard proper, including Fremont, Interbay, Magnolia and Greenwood. We also included Chuck’s Hop Shop — not a brewery, but with a gazillion beers and a place to drink them, we doubt beer drinkers will argue with us.

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