Swedish singer/songwriter coming to Ballard

Sofia Talvik, a singer and songwriter from Göteborg, Sweden is coming to the Nordic Heritage Museum for a concert this weekend.

Not knowing anything about the musician, we wanted to ask her a few questions:

MyBallard: Tell me a little bit about your music.
Talvik: I think my music is very personal. I try to put the lyrics in focus which often results in a bit of a minimalisttic production. I guess I’d be tagged as a singer/songwriter but leaning towards a folk pop expression. I have a new album out in May and it’s got a bigger sound than my previous work, I’ve worked a lot on giving the songs a depth, and it’s almost like my vocals are resting on top of the instruments. What’s similar in all my albums though is that my voice and acoustic guitar is the core of everything.

MyBallard: Where do you get your inspiration? Who are your musical influences?
Talvik:I get my inspiration from everyday life. I love movies and often find the score interesting, I also pick up phrases I like from the movies or TV and incorporate them in my lyrics. Musically I have a very diverse taste. Like for this album I was inspired by Kings of Leon, something you probably wouldn’t think of when you listen to it. But I also love great songwriters like Neko Case, Aimee Mann and Nick Drake.

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