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  1. Although the appertisers were great the entrees were a little disappointing and the wine selection was somewhat limited – especially if you like ordering by the glass to tailor your drinks to your individual meal items. And an Italian restaurant without sorbet or icecream on the dessert menu?! Its just not Italian :) However the service was excellent.

  2. Still one of my favorites. Volterra has become pretty well known in the last few years, but luckily their quality has only dropped a smidge. They offer reliably delicious food that has just the right amount of thought and creativity behind it, without being stuck-up. The wild boar and seafood in parchment are excellent and their after dinner coffee service is the best in Seattle.

  3. Every time I go here, I am pleased – as are the people I bring with me (some of whom are accustomed to Manhattan & DC restaurants). From appetizers to main courses, always a hit.

  4. This is still the best food & service in Ballard. Lots of new places to visit but I always go back to the classiest place on Ballrd Ave. Your are top notch!!!!!!. Cheers, Kelly B

  5. Disappointed with the dinners. Two of the four dinners were bland with no flavor one being the new menu Spinach Fettucine with chicken, however the Dungeness Crab Raviolli was good.

  6. I've consistently eaten excellent meals here. I don't understand how anyone could call the dishes bland, unless they're used to the very sweet tomato sauces and the greasy cream sauces at, say, Olive Garden. The service is great. It has nice vibe without being so loud that you're hoarse from shouting to your dinner partner all evening. Friends that I've taken here have become repeat customers as well. It's a wonderful place!

  7. just don’t get it.. way too pretentious and ostentatious, basically boring all around. sorry.

  8. If your used to hamburger helper you should not be a restaurant critic. Nothing will satisfy such a well seasoned palette. I have found Volterra to be consistently excellent and the staff caring and personable. I highly recommend Volterra as a dining experience.

  9. Entirely too expensive for a cramped and noisy dining experience.
    If I want to drop $300 on dinner for 2, I will go to the Met.

  10. One of THE MOST OVERPRICED and OVERRATED Italian restaurants! Wine is about 250% overpriced, food is good but not that good, noisy, cramped and for the $$ it costs, there are many other good places to eat in the city. We went there for a special occasion and were so disappointed in their total lack of acknowledgement – like a so who cares attitude from the owners.

  11. Love this place. Try the paté platter. And the morel sauce with the veal is fabulous, though it was better when they served scallopini rather than a chop.

  12. Volterra was my favorite Ballard restaurant – hands down. I’ve gone multiple times in the last 6 months and it has consistently underperformed. The food is not what it used to be. What it used to be was special. The Volterra always satisfied me with something I wouldn’t have thought to make at home and wouldn’t have done as well even if I tried. Today, I can cook what comes out of the kitchen just as well. Why did I keep going ? I was hoping it was just a bad night and not a trend. It’s a trend. Too bad.

  13. The owner of this restaurant did not exemplify neighborly love when my friend moved in to the apt next door. Rudely my friend was told to move his POD from the rear parking lot, which was there for an hour only, and it was in the morning when the restaurant was closed. We unpacked as quickly as we could.
    Trying to explain the circumstances was futile as said owner of VOLTERRA called the Parking Police.
    I will bad mouth this place of business for as long as I remain a Ballardite. There was no reason to be a j@ck@ass to a kind and polite new tenant.

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