6-story apartment building over Sunset Bowl

My Ballard reader Harry alerts us to this land use filing from Avalon Bay Communities for Sunset Bowl: “Demolish 25,000 sq. ft. bowling alley and construct a 6-story mixed use building including about 230 apartments, 15,000 to 25,000 sq. ft. of retail and parking for 280 cars.”

It’s unknown at this point whether the “mixed use” would include a bowling alley, as many Sunset Bowl fans have requested (and Avalon has said it would consider.) The permit status is still “open,” which means the demolition has not yet been scheduled. And in our experience, crews like to demolish buildings — especially controversial ones — without warning.

Robbery, arrests at Golden Gardens Park

Police arrested two young women in Golden Gardens Park at 10 p.m. Saturday for robbing two female high school students in separate incidents. In one case, police say a suspect punched a girl in the face while the other suspect stole her wallet. In the second incident, police say a suspect grabbed the teen’s purse from behind. “She said that she tried to keep it in her hands, but that she was not as strong as the suspect and was soon being dragged across the sand,” reads the police report. One of the victims suffered from a sore jaw, swollen eyes and torn hair. Police found the purse, but not the wallet.

New computer system at Swedish Ballard

Staff members at Swedish Ballard are dealing with a new and improved computer system today. Signs outside registration desks ask patients to be a little more… well, patient, over the next few days. As with any new system, there are a few minor glitches like screens freezing up and having to re-boot computers (we were there today and experienced it firsthand). One nurse told us that everyone is “a little edgy” today as they try to work out the kinks.

Your neighborhood’s best restaurants

The Seattle Weekly has published a special issue, “The 100 Best Restaurants,” and Ballard has four on the list: Volterra, La Carta de Oaxaca, Ocho and La Isla. Only four? For a neighborhood the size of Ballard, you might expect more representation. Meanwhile, Fremont has six restaurants in the top 100: 35th Street Bistro, Paseo, Brouwers, Elemental@Gasworks, Chiso and Brad’s Swingside Cafe. Phinney Ridge has the 74th St. Alehouse and Red Mill Burgers.

With all the interest in restaurants from My Ballard readers, we’ve launched a new section that features many of Ballard’s best restaurants — with your ratings and reviews. We’ll be adding new restaurants over the next several days (and we’ll expand soon to Fremont and Phinney, too). Meanwhile, please let us know what you think about some of the restaurants on the list.