Tour a Deadliest Catch boat

Take a tour of the Sea Star, one of the boats from Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch” that has just returned to Fishermen’s Terminal.

The boat is at dock 9, and it’s open for public tours. Check out what it’s like being on a Bering Sea crab boat and hear stories from the fishermen you may know from the show. When we were there, Captain Phil and other crew members were talking with fans. We’re told that Captain Sig Hansen comes by every once in awhile, too. Even though the Sea Star is no longer in front of the camera, the boat and its crew helps with the filming of the show and works as the “chase boat.” The tour is $10 for adults and $7.50 for kids.

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  2. The Sea Star was only in the Pilot–an episode nobody remembers. You probably wont recognize anyone from this crew, though they spend more time marketing themselves and their entertainment business than any of the rest of the fleet.

    Tour should cost $2, not $10, and should be free for kids or other educational purposes. If this boat actually still was a CRAB boat, they wouldn't have to get all their income from “tours.”

  3. agreed..if it were the Northwestern or Cornelia Marie it would totally be worth it. Tour should be free. Perhaps they are just milking the out of towners? Last year when it opened they had free torurs. glad i didnt have to pay

  4. Why shouldn't they try to get a little something out of it? Heaven forbid people that work hard their whole lives try to capitalize on a little good fortune that swings their way. I guess because they aren't “OH MY GOSH, SIG and/or PHIL!!!” they aren't good enough, huh? (Not that I have anything against Hansen or Harris,) but past season boats, even the boats that have never and will never be on the show, should at least getting some credit for working in one hell of profession. Good for them.

  5. I'll not step on another crab boat, for any price. I made that promise to myself years ago, and fully intend to keep it. But thanks for the info Swedes!

  6. I agree. The guy working the boat has been a crabber since he was a kid, and that was a LONG time ago. And I don't care if it's not the “more well-known” boats, I thought the tour was delightful and he took the time to chat with us and tell us about the life. I appreciate the hard work this man went through just so I can have crab cakes. I tell you, I've not complained about the price of crab ever since.

  7. 9/11/09: Understand tours closed for the season at fisherman's terminal but we can go tour the ship on Lake Union?
    Where or phone # please

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