What is that yellow helicopter?

Several people have emailed us about the yellow helicopter that’s been flying over Ballard for the last few months. Turns out it’s Seattle Helitours, which takes people on aerial tours of major attractions in the city – including the Ballard Locks and the Ship Canal. We spoke with Amanda at Seattle Helitours who says the company has been around since the ’80s and they operate both the yellow helicopter and the blue/white one that flies the same route. Thanks to recent Groupon and Living Social promotions, they sold more than 900 tours, which means they’ve been pretty busy this summer. (Photo courtesy Seattle Helitours. Thanks to MyWallingford.com for tracking this down!)

15 comments on “What is that yellow helicopter?”

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  2. I always wondered what was up with that little yellow tweedy bird flying around every day. Mystery solved! Thank you.

  3. i bet its spg!! haa ha ha ha ha ha ha hahe’s the totally whacky helicopter guy, get it?? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

  4. i’m surprised it took 3 whole comments before somebody complained about it.

  5. No , it’s not me and I resent the accusation. Shuttling around tourists? How crass.
    Buzzing around in a piston engined Robinson? I’d rather walk than fly something without twin turbines.
    You should really read the forums as we cleared this up months ago.

  6. It obviously wasn’t SPG – the copter pictured is flying right side up.

  7. Who gives a flying bleep who it is. At least somebody has a job. At least somebody can afford a vacation. Remember, we are a “world class city”, and people want to visit us. The tourists bring $$ and pay taxes too.

  8. heh heh heh that witty duh and his invaluable commentary, man what an idiot, duh.

  9. huh huh hee hee spg enters awesome comeback to an attack on his icon status.

    any story w/ a helo? “derp, heh heh, was that you spg? he heh. you fly that crazy upsidedown helo, RIGHT? ha ha ha ha”

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