I-5 on ramp at N 85th St. reopens tonight

Tonight, the eastbound lanes on N 85th St. will reopen to traffic between Wallingford Ave N and I-5, allowing drivers to again have access to the on-ramp, according to the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT). However, construction will continue on N 85th St. between Aurora Ave N and Wallingford Ave N, so detours will continue to take drivers down to N 80th St. If you’re coming from Ballard, taking N 80th St the whole way could be your best bet, as the detour can cause back-ups at the N 85th St/Aurora intersection. SDOT hopes that part of the project will be done by October.

The on-ramp closure was necessary so they could finish the N/NW 85th St. paving project. They’ll be striping the road, and will reopen once that is finished.

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