Ballard Breweries


Updated 11/10/2017

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With eleven breweries in just five square miles, Ballard is quickly becoming a tourist destination for beer. In fact, Ballard is home to more breweries than any other Seattle or Portland neighborhood. Why the sudden explosion of top-notch breweries? “We have educated beer drinkers,” explains Ryan Hilliard, who runs one of the ten.

The oldest of the bunch is Maritime Pacific Brewing, founded in 1990 by George and Jane Hancock. However, Redhook was the first craft brewery to call Ballard home, opening in a transmission shop in 1982. It has since moved to Woodinville, but it sells the “Big Ballard Imperial IPA” to honor its neighborhood roots.

Newer breweries are springing up in industrial Ballard within easy walking distance of each other. Stay on top of all the news by following @BallardBeer or visiting here for our brewery coverage. You can schedule a Ballard brewery tour here or here, or catch a ride on the CycleSaloon. Or if you’re a local like us, put on your hiking boots and plot your own route on our brewery map below (drag to see all the pins):

We should also mention a few other beer hotspots just outside Ballard: the Fremont Brewing Company at 3409 Woodland Park Ave. N, the extremely popular Chuck’s Hop Shop at 656 NW 85th St. (for an unbelievable selection of beer both on tap and bottles), Outlander Brewery and Pub at 225 N. 36th St., as well as Naked City Brewing at 8564 Greenwood Ave. N.

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