The Academy of Music & Dance to open

A new music and dance studio is preparing to open in Loyal Heights.

What used to be Advanced Laptop Services at 2404 80th Ave NW will soon be The Academy of Music & Dance; Ballard. Colt Valenti, the Artistic Director for the new academy says that they are committed to serving the community. Right now they plan to offer “at least the following music instruments for private instruction; guitar (all types), violin, piano, flute, bass guitar, and we are open to offering other instruments based on demand. As far as dance, we will likely be offering ballet, jazz, tap, and some sort of adult class, either drop in dance nights (salsa, swing, or ballroom) or couples courses. Again this will be based on demand from the community.”

There is 2,550 square feet of space to work with and right now the plans call for one large dance room, seven private music teaching rooms, and one classroom for group music instruction or smaller dance classes. Velenti hopes for an October 31st grand opening. “We really want to do a Halloween themed Grand Opening, have some live music, candy for the trick or treaters.” But that’s just six weeks from now so it will depend on the permits and remodel. You can also follow their progress on Twitter. (Thanks Jerry for the tip!)

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6 thoughts to “The Academy of Music & Dance to open”

  1. Super excited about this! Can't wait to force the boys to take up piano! If the owners are reading this, they should work with Loyal heights to do something where they pick kids up right after school and ferry them into lessons. The boys and girls club does it.

  2. Small world – my kitchen designer is married to Colt Valenti. I just learned of the connection from my contractor who is involved in the remodel of their new space. I'm really excited for them.

  3. Right after my last post, who should arrive to clean up the demo mess in our driveway but our contractor and Colt Valenti. Colt did this on his own time with no pay – what a nice guy. Let's be sure to make him feel at home in the hood.

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