Design meetings planned for new 9th Ave park

Ballard’s new park on 9th Ave NW has been a welcome addition to the neighborhood, but it still needs a lot of work.

Seattle Parks and Recreation is hosting three public meetings to help develop the park. At the first meeting on November 19th, Parks will gather input and learn what the community wants. At the second meeting on December 17th, the design team will present initial design concepts and the community can provide further input and direction. At the third meeting in early 2010, the team will present a preferred design developed from community input. All meetings will be held at Whittier Elementary (1320 NW 70th St) from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. More information on the park can be found here.

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7 thoughts to “Design meetings planned for new 9th Ave park”

  1. Site Workshop was the designer for the renovation/addition to the Whittier playground two years ago. They were absolutely first rate for that project, and a pleasure to work with.

  2. As long as we're discouraging use of the park by vagrants, I'd also like to discourage use by children (smelly, short, loud), teens (always giggling), pot-smokers (always giggling), dogs (smelly, loud, disease-carriers), the elderly (smelly, creepily quiet, poor choice in clothing) and other undesirables I feel unworthy of my neighborhood public park.

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