Cabaret nominated for six 5th Avenue Awards

The 5th Avenue Theatre has announced their nominations for the 2011 5th Avenue Awards: Honoring High School Musical Theater. Ballard High School’s production of Cabaret received six nods and two honorable mentions.

The categories are:

Outstanding Orchestra
Outstanding Scenic Design
Outstanding Lighting Design
Outstanding Costume Design
Outstanding Program Design
Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role – Eliza Palasz as Sally Bowles
Outstanding Direction, honorable mention
Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Featured Ensemble Role – Macklin Hamilton as Bobby, honorable mention

Ballard High School has been nominated every year for at least one award since 2003, the last win was in 2005. This year’s awards ceremony will be on Monday, June 6th. (Thanks Max for the tip!)

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CONGRATULATIONS Ballard High!!!  Cabaret was an absolutely magnificent production and these nominations are well deserved!!

I just noticed that another Ballard production, The Diviners, opens tonight and runs Thursday and Friday nights this weekend and next weekend.  Looking forward to supporting our neighborhood theatre by taking friends to see it!


Congratulations! A friend and I randomly went to see the production because it is one of our favorite plays. You guys nailed it!