Burger Hero is up for sale

By Almeera Anwar

Correction: Burger Hero is not closing, rather, the owners are just looking to sell the business.

Original post: Burger Hero, a burger joint at NW 73rd St and 15th Ave NW, is closing, unless the owners can find someone to buy the business.

Photo by Steve Tran

Burger Hero, which has been open for about year, is known for serving burgers, seafood and chicken dishes and for having many of them named after superheroes. Everything is fresh and homemade in house and while it’s a small building, there is a steady flow of people from the neighborhood and construction employees that come through regularly.

Steven Tran, the current owner of Burger Hero, said that business is doing great and have been very profitable but that he simply wants more time with his family. Tran and his wife operate two homemade burger places in Seattle; the other is located in the University District, which they will continue to own and operate.

“We have been up and up for a while, just did not have a life while doing it,” said Tran, “It’s long hours of work and we just did not have enough time to take care of the kids and do the work.”

The couple has two young boys, a ninth-month old and a four-year-old, and felt that they were working too much with both businesses and wanted more time with their children. They already closed Burger Hero on Sundays to give themselves more family time, the business used to be open seven days a week.

“We are looking for someone to continue the idea and concept,” said Tran, who would like to see the superhero theme maintained after the sell, “My son and I both love superheroes and it made it a really family-friendly place.”

Tran notes that they are not in a huge rush to sell the location, but the sooner the better, and that they are open to negotiating the price. There are three part-time employees that are fully trained on day-to-day operations and it would be convenient for everyone if a new owner to keep them on, said Tran.

They would also offer training to the new owner for everything from how to make the food patties and special sauce to running the basics of the business, he expects it would require couple of weeks of training.

“It’s a turn-key business operation,” said Tran, “We basically just need someone come in, turn the key and operate the business. It’s all ready for them.”

The best way to reach Tran is through the Craigslist ad by scheduling an appointment.

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