Dog dumped by owner in Crown Hill

According to a blog post on The Stranger’s SLOG, news intern Ben Steiner witnessed a dog being dumped in a graveyard in Crown Hill yesterday.

Steiner reportedly witnessed a silver SUV drive up and kick the dog out of the car. “I assumed they were just letting the dog out to pee, or perhaps inviting it to sit with them at the dog’s previous owner’s gravesite, but then off the SUV drove, without the dog,” writes Steiner. The dog then barked and chased after the car but it drove away.

Steiner took the dog, which he has affectionately named Woofus, home with him where it is now reportedly terrorizing his cats.

Do you know Woofus’ owner or do you want to provide him with a good home?

Anyone who is interested in helping Steiner out can contact him via his post here.

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