‘Viable alternative’ being considered for Ballard homeless encampment

The Ballard Chamber of Commerce has identified a “viable alternative” encampment site for Ballard, and is working with Nickelsville and the city to make the new site a possibility.

In a newsletter, Chamber Executive Director Mike Stewart said he toured the alternative site with Nickelsville Director Scott Morrow, who agreed that the alternative site is adequate, and could accommodate more residents than the proposed Market Street site. Stewart says the alternative site involves a private party and therefore they can’t disclose the specific location yet. He says it’s in a “quiet and safe part of industrial Ballard,” and that they’re reaching out to the surrounding property owners.

“While we are optimistic about the alternative site, there is still more work to be done. Specifically, we have to convince the Mayor to take the Market Street site off the list and move forward right away with this alternative,” Stewart writes.

The city recently sent us a list of alternative sites being considered for encampments:

  • 1121 NW Ballard Way/1120 NW 46th
  • South of 4411 Leary Way NW, east of Ballard Terminal Railroad (BTR)
  • Yankee Diner, 5400 block of Shilshole Ave. NW
  • South of NW Bright St. b/t Burke Gilman Trail and 8th NW
  • 4421 Shilshole Ave. NW
  • Ballard Blocks II (block south of Ballard Blocks I)

We’ve contacted the city for information about any progress made, and we’ll continue to update with any new information about alternative site consideration.

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