Seattle Schools to provide to-go lunches throughout COVID-19 closure

Seattle Public Schools are now offering pack lunches for students throughout the coronavirus closure.

Lunches will be available from 11am to 1pm, Monday to Friday. Meals are on a grab-and-go basis; students will not be allowed to eat on school premises.

Ballard High School is one of the 26 sites chosen; SPS says to enter and exit through the east doors near portables/courtyard into the commons area.

Here’s a link to more info from Seattle Schools.

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This is how the left does things. Took them years, but this is what it’s come to. Why aren’t our leftist leaders not handing out fishing poles? As in “teaching a man to fish”??? AND just where are the parents? If not aborted, the government is now the parents. That’s you and I. Great stuff. Exposing this at these times is perhaps a good thing. How do we ever survive as a country when people can’t feed themselves? What happens after kids leave schools? Just food banks the rest of their lives?


I just can’t even, so here’s a down vote.