Salmonberry Goods to open bakery and grocery in Sunset Hill Green Market

The Ballard Farmers Market regular Salmonberry Goods is making moves to open a brick-and-mortar bakery and grocery in Ballard in the Sunset Hill Green Market (6405 32nd Ave NW).

Co-owners Alex Johnstone and David Rothstein started Salmonberry Goods in 2015 as a farm-to-table bakery. The two friends are passionate about connecting local farmers to communities: When the pandemic hit and farmers markets closed, they started a website to help people still buy from their local producers. They made it possible to subscribe to a weekly farm box, similar to community support agriculture (CSA) subscriptions that farms often offer.

They’ve also been a Ballard Farmers Market staple for years, selling pastries and sourdough breads alongside “homestyle kombucha” and chai. All their ingredients are sourced from Washington farms.

Salmonberry continued to sell farm boxes as the pandemic subsided; they still bake and deliver for hundreds of households today using a small commercial kitchen at 819 NW 46th Seattle, where they also host “Bagel Saturdays” every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

But now, they’re ready to turn their online store and farmer’s market presence into a brick-and-mortar bakery and grocery.

Recently, Johnstone and Rothstein heard that their favorite local grocer, Green Market, was in jeopardy of closing. “Caught in a transitional phase between owners and facing uncertain times. Without hesitation, we knew we had to step in,” they wrote in a GoFundMe campaign set up to help them secure funding for the new space.

“We spoke with Noel, a dedicated employee and talented musician, who connected us with the landlords, a community-oriented family. It became clear that all of us shared a common vision to preserve this beloved neighborhood space.”

In an Instagram post, they wrote: “it’s gonna be like us: a little bit sourdough a lot of small farm produce. a place where freshly baked sourdough arrives just in time for dinner, where neighborhood kids can indulge in cookies while learning about local farms, and where anyone can find the ingredients for a memorable meal or discover something new and exciting to cook.”

Their GoFundMe goal is $20,000. So far, they’re at about halfway, having raised $10,205.

Johnstone and Rothstein will be digging into their personal savings to help secure the store and complete the transformation; they expect it will cost between $30,000-50,000 for the entire project.

They plan to buy a small espresso machine to offer coffee, fixing or replacing a large commercial freezer so they can offer meat from small farms and their fermented ice cream, and scaling their bakery so they can offer fresh sourdough bread daily.

“Join us in preserving the legacy of the Green Market, holding the candle for small farms, and creating a haven where community, food, and passion converge,” they wrote in the fundraising campaign.

“Together we can ensure that this cherished institution continues to thrive and serve this community long into the future.”

Photo: Salmonberry Goods