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“This Must Be the Place” A Ballad to Ballard

July 8, 2023 @ 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm


For Assembly’s July featured artist we are thrilled to introduce Doug Fuchs. He has put together a collection of maps and whimsical illustrations about the places that matter most.

This event is a must-attend for all you Ballard lovers out there! The show will feature a 12 foot map of Ballard , showcasing the best restaurants, parks, and hidden gems. There will be limited edition Ballard Map Prints available for purchase, coffee and custom cocktails by Mekenna Eisert, and you can meet the artist Doug!

About the Map:

I used to play a game called the Urbz, where Sims would run around a city with one of everything: one hotel, one jazz club, and one gym, but with unexpected oddities like a Bayou or Carnival. Ballard possesses a similar eclectic charm.

I feel lucky to be living in such a beautiful, unique place. I wake up to the sound of seagulls with mountains in the distance. Our town boasts treasures including a museum, a beach, a botanical garden, and a farmer’s market. The goal was to weave together all the places most important to my friends and me.

I wanted to include both old and new Ballard because I think that dichotomy is one of the more interesting themes of this place. Along the way, I learned so much about historical and present-day Ballard. Ask me and I’ll share a tidbit or two!

About the Artist:

Doug Fuchs, a digital illustrator and animator, possesses a bright and whimsical style in his work. He finds pleasure in engaging with projects that offer opportunities for expanding his knowledge in areas such as history or science. However, his greatest passion has always revolved around creating maps. During his formative years, Doug would skillfully sketch imaginative maps of his yard, transforming mundane elements like the driveway into a raging river and the grass into a dense forest. Presently, he continues to pursue his passion on a larger scale, capturing the essence of various locations through his illustrations. While conventional maps serve the purpose of navigation, Doug believes that illustrated maps have the ability to reveal the soul of a place.

An exhibition entitled “This Must Be the Place” stands as a tribute to cherished locations, and at its core lies a massive wall map showcasing the neighborhood of Ballard. The concept for this extraordinary project emerged during a leisurely stroll with friends at the Ballard Locks, where Doug was struck by the abundance of fascinating elements that would lend themselves perfectly to a visually stunning map.

More of Doug’s Work Here!


July 8, 2023
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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