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    So I click on the link to Saffy’s post and yes I get the standard definition of a frat boy and more definition about spiked hair with frosted tips.
    The funniest part was the ad next to it that had a girl in a shirt that said “I pooped today” I was rolling on the floor and my dog is very concerned.

    RIP Pete’s and hello Bourbon and Bones!



    I’ve always assumed “bro” derived from “fraternity brother”.

    So much good local BBQ! I also experienced the dry stuff at Smokin’ Pete’s and never went back. I’ve been loving Bitterroot, and am excited to try these other places.

    Oh yeah: Kickin’ Boot didn’t impress me, though it wasn’t outright bad by any stretch. Just not good enough to keep me away from Bitterroot. I’ve been wondering how their business is doing, since they’re so big. That’s a lot of seats to fill.



    I think Kickin Boot is doing just fine. They’re packed Thur-Sat nights and the bar moves a lot of drinks, which is where the profits lie. I agree that their food isn’t bad with the exception of the chicken, which tastes like it’s been pumped full of a brine solution (because it has).


    Mrs. Whatsit

    The best BBQ in Seattle is on 2008 NW 56st.
    The Boar’s Nest.
    Probably the best Ive ever had in Washington.



    I think the rumors about the Boar’s Nest closure came about because the building it’s in IS going to be demolished for another 6 to 7 story apartment/condo/whatever building. Planning approvals have progressed further for a different proposed development just next to the Boar’s Nest on the corner of NW 56th & 20th Ave NW, but all the lots between the BofA drive-through and 20th are being redeveloped (Boar’s Nest building, framing business building, funeral home).



    That was it, thanks.

Viewing 6 posts - 26 through 31 (of 31 total)

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