Work on Ballard Corners Park to begin

Work will begin as early as next month on Ballard Corners Park, the plot of land at 62nd and 17th, reports the Ballard News Tribune. The plan is to design an entry way that will resemble Boudin’s Grocery store, which operated on the site until the 1950s (right side of the plan below). At the other end, a bench and concrete easy chair will form an outdoor living room of sorts.

The park will also have a community garden and a children’s play area.

Hamburger place to replace Sea Breeze

According to the sign in the window, “Hamburger Harry’s” is moving into the restaurant that was formerly Sea Breeze, on Market Ave. near 24th.

It’s a prime location, that’s for sure, but there’s plenty of burger competition around Ballard. So we’ll just have to wait and see…

Update: Ballard Gossip Girl says she saw lots of menus from other burger joints on the table inside. “It looks like they’re also trying to figure out menus or pricing,” she says. “I’m also really curious about the concept based on their graphics — casual dining with tuxedo-level burgers.” Hmmm.

Worries over Seaview Ave. pedestrians

A Sunset Hill resident wrote the Seattle Times “Bumper to Bumper” section with concerns about the fading crosswalk in front of the bus stop near Golden Gardens on Seaview Ave. Maria Rosa Hidalgo says she’s worried that as summer traffic increases — and the slide keeps the upper access closed — someone might get hit. But no fear, the city told the Times it plans to repaint the crosswalk and upgrading warning signs in the next few weeks.

Segway at the Ballard Farmers Market

Here’s something you don’t see every day at the Ballard Farmers Market.

“The woman was stunning,” said Mary, who snapped the photo. “I watched her maneuvering through the crowds throughout the early afternoon, appearing and disappearing, doing her shopping. When she bought armloads of lilacs, the moment was perfect for a snap.” Great shot. You can see more of Mary’s photos from Ballard and the market here.