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  1. Delicious Italian food! Husband and I have been there a ton and we’ve loved everything we’ve had (especially the pumpkin ravioli). Their salads and the free bread and roasted garlic they offer is amazing! The service is friendly, but slow. Not a big deal though if you’re going for a nice dinner with friends and not worried about time :o)

  2. This place is great. The food is excellent, service is good and you can’t beat the prices.

  3. I live close by but hadn’t eaten there in at least 10 years and decided on a Saturday evening to stop by. Bad idea, packed and I was a single but they did get me in pretty quickly, way in the back by the service door but I know, I know, no reservation you get what you get. I must have done something wrong, I ordered a steak, wine, etc. and all I can say is that after a very long wait, my food came luke warm and my best description of the steak is, well, soggy. This was the worst meal I have had in Ballard that I can remember, as I left after paying something around $43.00, and yes I did leave a tip anyway but thinking back, it is not good to tip for a bad meal. But I often separate the waiters from the meal and the service was not bad, just the food.

    And yes like others have mentioned, it was hot in there, uncomfortably so.

    My only suggestion if you do want to go there, get a pasta dish, not meat, maybe they can’t ruin that.

  4. This place is great. Love the food and all of the options they offer. I haven’t been disappointed yet. I definitely recommend this to anyone in the mood for Italian. The prices are are reasonable too.

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