11 comments on “Taqueria Tequila”

  1. This spot was great. Reminds me of the quality I was getting when I lived on the California/Mexico boarder.

  2. The best chili relleno in Seattle! This place is is where I go to get my rice and bean fix.

  3. good price, good portion size, clean, friendly, super tender chicken – highly recommended

  4. when my friends from Baja visit, this is where we go. They love it. I find it so-so, but it satisfies my carne asade cravings.

  5. i love walking in to be greeted by some very friendly faces

    order some carnitas tacos, side of rice and refried beans, chips/salsa/guacamole, bottle of negra modelo and you have a terrific meal

    enjoy your meal while taking in a telenovela or futbol and now you have an authentic experience

  6. The carne asada super nachos are the best nachos we've ever had. Other menu items tend to be a little hit or miss.

  7. we eat in and order take out regularly here. consistently great food and sevice. the tequila burrito is enough for 2 people.

  8. love me some good mexican food and this is where its at.. the salsa bar is crucial! always satisfied

  9. great place right down the street. it was good but kinda thought it was just your run of the mill Mexican place

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