Flower thieves on Phinney Ridge

“Cma319” just posted an item in the forum that says someone stole roses out of their Phinney Ridge garden, hacking up the bushes in the process. And it’s not the first time. “Last year a woman cut quite a few roses from gardens on our block,” Cma319 writes. “One of our neighbors finally caught her with her car full of roses, got the license #, but never heard anything from the cops after he called it in.” Anyone else having any trouble with flower thieves?

Adds Milo in comments: “Yes, last summer we watched a woman pull up in a Mercedes and help herself to a few of our roses in the front yard. She even waved back at us when she saw us watching from the window… but she knew she was busted. All we ask in return for swiping our roses is that you give an hour or so of weeding in return (per rose that is.)”

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