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  2. Isn't that a health code violation to take someones dish from home into a kitchen like that? Its like going to back to a buffet line with your plate. Seems unsanitary!

  3. Really good sandwiches and wonderful aroma while you wait.
    Can't wait to eat again.

  4. Finally went for the first time yesterday. Got the #1 without jalapenos. Amazing!!! Huge line but went fast.

  5. Ok so I went to see what this place was all about…. let me tell you, the reviews are 100% spot on. The food was amazing. Got the #8 and it was AMAZING!!! I will recomend this place to everyone….

  6. Man, I love this place! Only been twice, both in the past two weeks, and I am addicted. Got the #1 (no jalapenos) on the first visit and the #2 on the second. I think the #1 is better but both are fantastic! Ah, I'm craving one right now.

  7. My only complaint is that they're closed on Sundays. This food is to die for. It's simple and simply amazing. Every restaurant in town should take lessons from this business model. Whatever you do, do it well.

  8. Cheap, not bad, but a little greasy. I think you need to eat it there as the sandwiches do not travel well at all.

  9. Not sure it needs to be said again, but this place is amazing. So I've heard from some that these are not “true” Cuban sandwiches. But I don't even care, call it whatever you want, the flavors are incredible and indescribable! Hot summer day and a Paseo sandwich to eat by the water = so perfect!

  10. get out of yourself, dude. greater ecological issues at stake. furthermore, they wouldn't set it down on a surface. they would simply scoop it into the container without touching it. If you ever worked in a kitchen you would know this is possible.

  11. Went there yesterday for lunch and had the grilled chicken! Great sandwich and very reasonably priced… it had been a while since i had been, but it was just a good as i remembered

  12. Amazing food! I love there sandwiches! I love the spices they use. The people that work there are friendly and very helpful! Five Stars!!

  13. My favorite place to eat in all of Seattle. Not even a contest. What the heck to they put in those beans that make them so sweet and savory?

  14. I LOVE Paseo! One of my favorite restaurants in Seattle.

    John R Carlisle

  15. Had sandwiches from here for the first time this week. Loved the bread but found them very hard to eat. Onions in the sandwich are way too big. The bread isn't big enough to hold the ingredients. We shared a few – scallop, shrimp, pork and fish. All of the flavors on the meats were good but made no sense to me as a sandwich. If you like hot – jalapeno hot – you would love the flavor. The taste is there but the presentation isn't.

  16. OMG the #2 Brazilian pork sandwich, this should be a national treasure-WONDERFUL!

  17. This is not my usual fare but now can’t wait to go back. Love sitting casually outside at the Golden Gardens location. Plenty food and very tasty. Hoping to go tonite with friends from out of town. Wish they stayed open later on Sundays.

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