The Ballard neighborhood of… Metum?

If you search for Metum in Google Maps, you’ll get this result:

Same goes for Microsoft’s Live Maps. “What in the heck is it?” writes My Ballard reader Peggy, who discovered the neighborhood in a search. Isn’t it Sunset Hill or North Beach, as outlined in the Seattle neighborhood atlas?

4 comments on “The Ballard neighborhood of… Metum?”

  1. A friend brought this to my attention the other day. Odd neighborhoods appear all the time. I used to work in the City Clerk's Office and helped create some online resources to the Neighborhood Atlas. Seattle doesn't have an official neighborhood map. The online atlas was created based on the appearance of names in legislation. This is a highly personal topic as one would expect – especially around the idea of real estate. Do you want a Ballard address or a Loyal Heights address or a Crown Hill address? Example: Loyal Heights was named by a real estate agent/developer. Loyal was his daughter's name and Heights…well, it is at the top of the hill. Metum, on the other hand, is an odd one.

  2. Multiple persons are aware of Metum which shows up on USCGS charts. Old shipyard and oil plant on Meadow Point beach are also described at Metum. Not at 3/85th as shown above. Typical internet googlecrap. Truly a ghost town, all gone except rust in the sands.

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