Movie filming continues in Ballard

The Whole Truth” starring Elisabeth Rohm (of Law and Order fame) continues to film in old Ballard today (Tuesday).

Cast and crew members were waiting outside Volterra while someone removed the restaurant’s sign before they started shooting.

Earlier this month they were shooting at Bark and Zayda Buddy’s. One tipster emailed us that they’ll be at the Salmon Bay Cafe tomorrow. The movie is slated to be released next year sometime. (Thanks everyone for the emails!)

Veraci Pizza opens tomorrow

The finishing touches are being put on the much-anticipated Veraci Pizza joint in preparation of opening day.

After serving up slices at the local farmer’s markets, they’re finally opening their first brick & mortar store at 6th Ave NW and NW Market St. Starting tomorrow (Wednesday) you can get their popular pizza seven days a week. There’s a small dining room where they’ll be serving up pizza, homemade gelato, beer & wine and more. Their hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Good Samaritans alive and well in Ballard

Mo left this note in the forum today…

Yesterday, I left my wallet containing $1300 in the bathroom at Miro Teahouse on Ballard Ave. I returned today and recovered my wallet with all of the money intact. A heartfelt “thank you” goes out to whoever turned it in; I would welcome an opportunity to express my gratitude with dinner, drinks, whatever.

And Joe emailed us this note last night…

On Friday evening my wife’s vehicle was broken in to in downtown Ballard. The thief broke a window and stole a laptop bag. Luckily, my wife’s computer wasn’t in the bag, but it did contain several personal documents. Someone found the bag dumped in a parking lot and returned it to our house Sunday… Unfortunately, we weren’t home when they brought the bag to our house, and we didn’t get to thank them properly.

Such nice folks here in Ballard.

Ballard shopping highlighted in national magazine

Ballard and Fremont take center stage in the November issue of Domino magazine. The magazine writes about Seattle’s shopping scene and focuses on Fremont as “an offbeat neighborhood, while Ballard Avenue boasts design stores and hip eateries.” They only write about four Ballard spots including Souvenir (“a combination of gallery and emporium”), OKOK Gallery (“owned by possibly the cutest couple in the area”), Space Oddity (“think of this as a permanent garage sale”) and La Carta de Oaxaca (“the decor is not exactly what you would expect from a Mexican restaurant.”) Fremont got the lion’s share of the coverage with six places highlighted. (Thanks for the tip Ingrid!)

Unknown animal takes over Ballard yard

SeattleTree writes in the forum about some strange animal that’s tunneling around and chewing up their yard:

“Good Grief, it’s like Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom around here on 9th & 63rdish. First the 6 raccoons tearing apart things, and coming TOWARDS me even though I had a garden hose on the group of 3 at 10am in my garden. Now there is a chihuahua sized dark brownish, black faced (kinda) no tail square butt thing, literally chopping apart my neighbor’s roddies next to the fence we watched at 11am a couple of days ago.

It comes out during the day, chews quickly through smallish branches with leaves and drags a 2 foot long section back along the house. It will scurry away when approached but I ain’t getting too close to something with a chainsaw for a mouth. What now? I thought of a Nutria but don’t they need water? Neighbor though a Beaver, but again, needs water? What else can this big, a mutant Ginea pig? They found a big tunnel under the house and blocked it off days before, obviously the creature is rebuilding his bunker. Anyone out there have any idea?”

Remembering the Katmai’s lost crew

Flowers and photos remembering the five dead and two missing from the Ballard-based fishing vessel Katmai have been left at Fishermen’s Memorial.
Katmai memorial
Among the dead are Cedric Smith, Glenn Harper, Jake Gilman, Joshua Leonguerrero and Fuli Lemusu. Two are still missing, Carlos Zabala and Robert Davis. The Katmai sunk in rough seas, and four survived by clinging to a life raft for 17 hours in their survival suits. “They said initially there were seven people in the raft, and then there was a big wave and it got whittled down,” said a Coast Guard pilot. Hearings begin on Monday to investigate the accident, which may bring more federal scrutiny: this is the fourth Alaska “head-and-gut” vessel to suffer a tragedy this decade, adding up to 28 deaths.